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Aneros Progress!!!
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I decided to have a session after about a week and a half without Aneros.

    I started the session as usual, by watching a bit of porn. However, instead of slipping in the Helix and doing a traditional session afterwards, I decided to put the Helix in, and continue to watch. Within a few minutes, I started to get some contractions, and a very slight p wave. I would say this p wave came in about every 2 or 3 minutes. I continued to watch for about 10 minutes.

    I figured that since I was already getting usual results, that it would be a good time to lay back and continue into a traditional session. I decided to lay on my back, and try deep breathing with slight contractions. What was different this time was, I started to get that P wave again, but at different intensity levels. I would say that I had a total of three different levels, until the wave stopped. After about 10 minutes of this with no sensations (the p waves only lasted a minute or two), the Aneros model wasnt contracting on its own, and the p waves did not come back. I decided to go back an watch a bit more porn with the Helix still inside. The same thing happened as before, and it lead me to do an on all fours position. The interesting thing about this is, not only did that intensity level return, but I felt for the first time the ticklish feel that everyone talks about. It only happen once and never returned, but I did notice the sensation.

    The most interesting thing happened next. There were no sensations, but constant Aneros movement. And while this felt nice, it wasnt doing a lot for me, and I got bored. I decided to go for a traditional orgasm, and started masterbating. However, as I was masterbating, I was not getting an erection. But instead, I was getting a somewhat rough sensation. The only way I can explain it is, it felt like a p wave, except it didnt move throughout my body. While at the same time, it felt like something was pushing hard against my prostate. This wasnt an intense sensation, but it felt much better than the nice p waves earlier in the session. After about 5 minutes of this (the sensations continued), I did get hard and ejaculated. However, after always being told that penis stimulation is a session killer, I was shocked that my best sensations came from this, and the sensations werent coming from my penis at all.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I am happy to hear that you have finally made some significant progress in your Aneros sessions. You are learning to tune into the more subtle sensations that your prostate initially produces.
    However, I think you may proceeding upon some misinformation regarding penis stimulation. You said “However, after always being told that penis stimulation is a session killer, I was shocked that my best sensations came from this, and the sensations weren’t coming from my penis at all.” It is not penis stimulation that is a session killer, it is the ejaculation associated with it that is the session killer. The primary reason the veteran users recommend against any penile stimulation is to condition your body to recognize and respond to the much less intense sensations being generated internally by the Aneros. This is one of the cornerstones of the “rewiring” repeatedly spoken of here. If you continue to use penile stimulation leading to ejaculation as you described, you may be making it increasingly difficult to later achieve a Super-O. I encourage you to read the Hands Off???????? thread for ‘B.Mayfield’s excellent comments regarding this. I also encourage you to read ‘Cockadoodle’s Penis, NOT! thread for additional insights into the reasoning behind this “hands off” admonition.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I wanted to put in another little note about possible progress. Last night I had another sessions. It wasnt anything intense or different, but I was able to maintain an almost constant slight sensation. What was even more interesting was, I usually ejaculate after a session. However, as much as part of me still wanted to, this time I didnt have the erge to do so. Im assuming thats a good thing.