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half a progasm is twice as good
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    the progasm is by far my favorite and although I have several models, I spend more time with the progasm. yesterday, I discovered a new way to use the progasm that really gave me quite a rush each time I did it.
    It is typical for me that when I insert whatever model I wish, I get a period of intense activity that will usually last around 30 minutes. then things usually quiet down. often I am looking for something to kick start the process again and when using the progasm, I decided I would switch to another model and was removing it very, very slowly. when I hit the area between the two bigger knobs on the shaft, I let it rest there and this brought about a major rush for me. next time I went to use the progasm, I only inserted it to the first knob. sort of half way in.
    the feelings were very intense - like a new and different model - a short, fat one. after enjoying the ride this way, then I proceed to push it all the way in and away we go again.
    maybe this is nothing new for you, but I don't recall reading anything about this... give it a try
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hi thhn, :)

    I experienced something similar the first time I used my Progasm. You can read about it in my Blog under the entry "First time with Progasm". I haven't actually tried that technique in a while though. As I've have good success without it.