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Alana's Voice...for WOMEN everywhere AND their Partners...
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    "Alana" Ahhhh!

    ...and for Women everywhere (and there partners) My Goodness! I guess it must be about time to address my own Aneros discoveries for the benefit of us all.

    I vividly recall, when voicing the HypnAerosession CD's, I was So turned on by all the visuals I had from the 'guiding perspective' ...that I ended up, totally wet, soaked and euphorically ecstatic afterwards. ---That was just from voicing it. Whew!

    I was happily given a Progasm (lavender-oddly the color I LOVE to accessorize with in my home decor) in the fall and I have been testing it out in so many ways to ease my curiosity all this time.

    First of all I find that I Love the feel of its ergonomic shape in my hand...I start to get turned on just from the feel of it. I start by stroking it in one hand as if I were giving my partner a hand job, and I was quite surprised at how much this gives me the beginnings of warm feeling all over my body and as I insert the Progasm vaginally, with the tip pointed upward, I am already very wet. The material it's made of allows it to slide in (and out) with such ease...and I love the way the shape allows my vaginal muscles to naturally grasp and glide over each contour and the difference my vaginal muscles feel as it travels slowly over each elevation, low and high.

    I start slowly moving it in and out with the handle looped around one or more fingers aimed at my G-spot, but it seems to find it's own way...all this while I visualize a sexual scene in my mind, of every possible variation, each one different, scenes changing all the while as I work the Progasm in and out, but I notice my natural light pumping vaginally, without any effort from me, allows it to work Hands-free! I can do this for long periods of time and the pleasure intensifies exponentially...and when It comes to the time for my explosive female ejaculatory, very wet final orgasm, after many major pleasurable ones. .. I realize the spasms from my vagina force the Progasm out of my vagina, at the end when I'm done.

    I lay there in sheer High Bliss as I use the Taoist Micro-cosmic orbit, that I have used for years...taking/drawing/inhaling the Bliss energy up from my vagina up the back of my spine (visualizing and feeling this happen) continue up toward the crown or top of my head and down toward my forehead, passing, my pineal gland/third eye (the point right between the eyebrows, then down in front of my body where I consciously store the energy at my navel and start the cycle all over again by inhaling the orgasmic energy back up from my vagina, up along my spine, etc. repeating this cycle, slowly easily, several times. As my head, mind, body and soul continue the slow-exploding ecstatic bliss for what seems like hours.

    For variations, I use the Progasm along with my other long time preferred method, the Hitachi Magic Wand. Through the years I found I personally don't like most Dils inside (I prefer the real thing) I use the Hitachi to stimulate my pub just above the clitoris and the sides or upper labia (so as not to desensitize it over time) always with a fabric on the skin since the Hitachi, on low speed is so strong, WITH the Progasm inside, no hands necessary... and on Full moon nights I include the small or next to the smallest Peridise ....ALL 3 at once while I visualize a myriad of sexual scenes I care to experience, in my mind.

    I've even used the Peridise and Progasm alone and listened to the HypnAerosession CD's and feel the deep intensities and always end each session with intense major orgasm and then finish with the Taoist Micro Cosmic Orbit which intensifies and prolongs all...that...deep, sexy, lusty, holy Bliss.

    What I love also is the lack of noise when used! No Buzz, no sound, so no one else can hear anything, through the door, walls, etc. So I can enjoy complete blissful privacy without anyone knowing, anywhere.

    I truly hope more Aneros users will introduce this to their female partners so they can enjoy the experience as a Couple, each with their own Aneros...Its not Fair...SHARE the experience...try it with her, then perhaps let her know you enjoy pleasure to Your P-spot, once she discovers how great you made her feel with Her G-spot... Pleasure On!

    Bliss to All

  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    Hi Alana,

    Welcome to the group, it's nice to have another lady in the men's locker room. I hope we can learn a lot from each other! :wink:

  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    Hello Lynn,
    Thank you for your 'welcome' but I've been a part of the group for a bit now...I have a high regard for this forum and it's members and always take a look, often at other posts, even if I don't post each time.

    I was glad to see your previous posts, and saw that the rest had already welcomed you.

    I'm hoping the 98% of Aneros users can come to share the experience with their partners. Perhaps if you check my previous posts, you'll see my intention.

    Here's to growth,

  • bad andybad andy
    Posts: 4
    Although the Progasm is designed for mens anatomy, I was wondering if any women have tried it out of curiosity. I have been encouraging my wife to "experiment" with my Progasm as well. Knowing it has been inside her and giving her pleasure adds to my enjoyment when I use it solo. We may get to the point where I may need to purchase a second one! She travels alot and I have explained the stress relief benefits of mastrubation. This Progasm has opened up a whole different avenue to my self pleasure. Not like regular mastrubation, but a higher level. Ejaculation is not even my adgenda when using the Progasm. I call it "medative mastrubation" aka mind blowing. No pun intended. Glad to see interested women out there!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What a wonderful post....and from the sounds of it a marvelous session that inspired it! It's wild to hear that this device that has generated such pleasure for men, has the capacity for creating same for women. I was in the late Babes in Toyland store in Hollywood some time ago, and I remember the store owner telling me that many women had purchased the Progasm as G-spot stimulator. Unfortunately, I was never to able to get a "first hand" account until now.

    Glad to hear that you managed to procure a purple Pro too, ....some symmetry happening there!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us all.

    BF Mayfield
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Hi Alana

    Could you or anyone tell me if any Ladies have tried it anally?


  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    Hi Diesel,

    I also answered your original post before seeing this one.

    I have used the 'Peridise' many times, alone and in conjunction with the 'Progasm' inserted tip up for vaginal G-spot stimulation. I enjoy both. I have not used the Progasm for anal play. I have had penis/anal penetration, when involved in loving partnership and I cover a bit of how your partner should be gently entered, After she is thoroughly stimulated to a heightened excited state by you already, in a previous post, just this month.

    If a man can put his partner in a seriously heightened ecstasy, BEFORE he gently proceeds anal, either digitally or with his penis, and slowly, patiently allows her time to adjust, while he continues other stimulation at the same time....she will probably allow this new pleasure. ...She must 'allow' you into her vaginally or anally, in Her time, but NOT just physically...Mentally/spiritually. The entrance into her is by Her allowing her 'Whole Being' to let You 'Into Her'. While you're in physically or using the anal toys, just whisper in her ear..."Let me in" ( you see, you could be 'In her physically'...but not 'IN HER') when she allows you Fully 'IN', you will Both 'float' off into heights you've never felt before, each time!

    Here's to 'Sharing' in it's highest!

  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Thank You Alana for your exquisite way of explaining things. I really appreciate it.