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Helix arrived yesterday.
  • I ordered a Helix and it arrived yesterday. I used it last night and only managed to get semi erect. This morning however, I inserted it and after so very slight contraction I began to feel that "itch you can't scratch" sensation. After a while it started to bug me so I took it out, but I've never felt anything like that before!
  • Congrats man! Keep it up and you'll be having the time of your life in no time. Good JOB on listening to your body and quitting when it hurt. Excellent!! :!: :wink: 8)
  • Thanks. Will that feeling increase? I'm only asking to make sure I'm on the right track.
  • It sure will but don't chase or force that feeling to come.
  • I try not to contract my anus as gently as I can, but it always seems to do so on its own. What should I do?
  • Don't worry this is supposed to happen. Do nothing and enjoy it! Those are all involuntary you're doing fine so don't worry man. 8)
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96

    I try not to contract my anus as gently as I can, but it always seems to do so on its own. What should I do?


    It sounds like your doing great and making progress immediately. Your attitude and going into it not expecting anything is fantastic. Your listening to your body which is just what your supposed to do. Just relax and don't try to force anything. You mentioned in your initial post that you didn't get erect. That is common, the sexual pleasure your "working" toward is not conducted through your's a deeper feeling. Instead of measuring your pleasure according to your penis' reactions, measure it mentally and deeper within. Before your next session, make sure you go into it aroused. Use whatever methods you prefer whether it be pics, porn or whatever. Fantasize YOUR DESIRES in your mind during your session. Concentrate on those thoughts and focus on any subtle pleasures you may begin to feel as your body starts to react.

    It sounds like your doing wonderful, keep it up. :wink:

  • Another thing I was wondering and I hope someone knows what I mean, Is it possible to insert the Aneros in the wrong way? And I don't mean P-tab first. It's hard for me to put it into words exactly. I had another session last night and felt virtually nothing.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    The only wrong way I've ever inserted any of my Aneros, is if I either did not have enough internal lubrication, or did not have the Aneros angled properly during insertion. Basically what ended up happening is it never cleared the last muscle ring in my anus, even though I had pushed it all the way in. Ouch! I knew something wasn't right. But it took a few times of that happening for me to realize what was going on and how to avoid it.