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Getting to the next step
  • manfriedmanfried
    Posts: 2
    I purchased an MGX in February of 2008 and used it about three times a week for a year. Experiencing very little in the way of results, I bought a Helix last month, but unfortunately, the Helix doesn’t seem to be any more effective in triggering the kind of pleasure that other members of this board seem to get. I can’t escape the feeling that I must be doing something wrong, so I’m posting this message in the hope that someone might be able to give me some advice that could help.
    First, I’ll try to give an account of what I have done so far. I have read the Wiki a few times, and I’ve tried to follow the general advice that appears there. I also read the general discussion forum regularly, where I have also picked up some tips. Most helpfully, I heard about the Hypnaerosession mp3’s, which were very useful in helping me to relax. I use those recordings regularly, along with many other hypnosis recordings that I have downloaded from the Internet. Sometimes, I simply try relaxing on my own and replaying favorite fantasies in my mind.
    Before I get started, I make sure that my bowels are evacuated and cleaned out. On some occasions, I’ve taken a hot shower ahead of time and cleaned myself up in there, but it didn’t make much difference in the session, as far as I could tell. I’ve also tried looking at porn both before and during a session. Most effective at getting me aroused has been listening to erotic MP3 recordings while I relax. However, I’m pretty sure this arousal would have occurred with or without the Aneros. I’ve tried at least three different kinds of lubrication. I do my best to go into the whole process with no expectations about what might occur.
    During the sessions, I lie down in a quiet, dark room, usually for about 90 minutes. I have tried several body positions (on my side, on my stomach, kneeling on the floor with my upper body on the bed), but the only position in which I can relax comfortably seems to be on my back, with my legs extended at first and then later with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed, although that position gets tiring. For at least the first 20-30 minutes, I simply relax and breathe slowly, paying attention to the various sensations. Sometimes, I’ll go an entire session without doing any contractions, just trying to listen to my body. At other times, I’ll do contractions in various patterns. So far, none of these patterns have led anywhere. I’ve tried touching my body, aside from my penis, but that also didn’t produce any results. I’ve tried a bunch of different breathing patterns, which do create short-term increases in sensation, but I seem to hyperventilate and need to stop before I get anywhere.
    In an attempt to be positive, I’ll give an account of the results that I have experienced. Early on, usually once a session, I would get what I called a “jolt,” which felt like a huge surge of electricity emanating from my prostate. Sometimes these jolts were so strong that they lifted me completely off the bed, and I occasionally got them when I was sitting down without the aneros inserted. To tell you the truth, they were more surprising than pleasurable, and they lasted for only a split-second. Once, about six months ago, my heart started beating rapidly, I saw brilliant colors in my mind, and a warmth slowly emanated from my lower body to my chest. The whole thing lasted about five seconds. I took this, at the time, to be a pleasure wave and looked forward to more occurrences, but I have never felt this sensation again (in over 150 sessions).
    I have always felt like a rewiring was definitely occurring because I seem to feel sexual arousal in a completely different way than before. Now, an erotic photograph will give me kind of aching, tingling feeling in the general area of my anus, but off to the side, in the cracks where my legs join my ass. This sensation is pleasurable, but very mild. I also get a similar tingling in my prostate that lasts for several hours after a session, but again, the feeling is so mild that it barely resembles what the rest of you describe.
    Lately, I get no jolts or pleasure waves, but I have learned how to initiate what I think are involuntaries. During my relaxation period, I can feel my prostate throbbing in time with my heartbeat. If I hold a light contraction for a while, I can start to feel my muscles begin to quiver, and it feels like my penis and balls are twitching. However, this sensation never gets beyond this plateau. Sooner or later, my muscles get so fatigued that I have to relax, and the feeling goes away completely. I have started trying to initiate the quivering and then relax, but I just can’t seem to get beyond these very mild feelings to something more.
    Ok, this message has gone on long enough. I could dwell at length on my frustration or my speculations about why my efforts have been in vain, but I don’t want to tax your patience. If anyone might have some advice for getting beyond this wall, or if there is any specific information that I might provide that I’ve left out, I would sure appreciate hearing from more experienced users than myself. Thank you.
  • You're trying to accomplish something in your sessions because you are comparing yourself to what you have read. It sounds like your body is trying to tell you things but you are denying or ignoring it because you have this false idea that it's supposed to be more due to what you've read. Truth is that's where it starts. It starts with very small and minimal feelings and then it builds. However, if you get distracted during the process (thinking about what it should be like) then they will go away completely and elude you even more.

    Best advice for you is to STOP TRYING. Forget about what you've read and the testimonials because you're comparing yourself to them which is forcing you to achieve a goal. :wink:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    I agree with 'ArcticWolves' that reading the experiential accounts of others can instill false notions of what "could be, "should be" or "would be" if only this or that occured. You need to understand your reactions, feelings and sensations will be a unique combination for you, please don't try to compare yourself with others, it will only impede your progress.

    From your description of events you seem to be following a good path of experimentation and techniques, I don't think you are doing anything wrong in your technique. You have reported some positive sensations while doing so. I get the feeling you are "pushing" to make something happen when you said "...but I just can’t seem to get beyond these very mild feelings to something more." I believe we can not force or coerce these feelings to emerge. IMHO they just have to naturally evolve from within us at a rate that is unique for each of us.

    Since you are familiar with hypnotic suggestion and its effects, I will make this suggestion for you to practice in your forthcoming sessions. When you detect these very mild sensations of which you spoke, give yourself some postitive mental feedback, such as "oh yes, I felt that, it felt very nice and pleasurable, I want to feel that again..." by repeatedly doing such exercises you will be programming your mind to repeat them more frequently and more intensely. This is how you nurture the feelings without "pushing" to get them.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    I have my best sessions when I can get my mind away from the aneros.
    This happens for me with very deep relaxation via meditation or my reading something

    I have had dud sessions the last couple of weeks because I went in with a mission,
    to feel SOMETHING...ANYTHING. It's very hard to get away from that when you are wired for
    a goal oriented mindset.