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My post on a forum about MALE MULTIPLE ORGASMS
  • I thought people should realize there are two definitions to anal orgasm and prostate orgasm and also that anal orgasm and prostate orgasm can sometimes be considered one and the same.

    Here is what I posted on the Human Sexuality forum on Topix:

    There are differences between multiple ejaculatory orgasms, multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, prostate orgasms, Super-O's, mini-o's, dry-o's, anal orgasms, and multiple non-ejaculatory penile orgasms. Orgasms can occurs in the prostate and/or penis and/or anus. They can occur simultaneously or separately. There are two types of prostate orgasms and anal orgasms. Prostate orgasm: one occurs in the prostate and the other kind is a penile ejaculatory or penile non-ejaculatory orgasm brought on by stimulation of the prostate and/or perineum. An anal orgasm is a penile orgasm or ejaculation brought on stimulation of the anus and/or prostate or one that occurs soley in the anus brought on by things such as fisting, the Aneros Peridise, etc.

    With any type of orgasm they can be either regular or multiple.
  • I think it's about time we all discuss in great detail what our definition of different orgasms are. I realize some people get confused between the orgasms brought on by the Aneros products and a Super T (ejaculation). I used to wonder if the Super T's I had were Super O's but came to find out I had some p-waves and possibly mini-o's and didn't realize that's what they were after reading the Wiki and watching Arctic Wolves' first video. Many times on the web people will refer to getting an ejaculation by being penetrated anally by a dildo, penis, or other device an anal orgasm or prostate orgasm. Somtimes it's referred to as a prostate orgasm because that is what usually causes the most pleasure and triggers ejaculation and could always be called an anal orgasm because it takes penetrating the anus to get to that point. Many don't consider however that there are many nerves in the anus and rectum and it is not always the prostate or only the prostate that gives pleasure or causes orgasm. Women can have "breast orgasms," excitement from that builds up and causes the women to orgasm in the genitals but it is not an orgasm that takes place in a breast or breasts per se, at least not to my knowledge.

    I feel on our journey it is important to be able to differentiate between what is and what is not an orgasm and all the types of orgasms that can occur in the body and how to bring them about.
  • I must also state that when I first read about the Aneros and it's abilities I thought that it caused multiple non-ejaculatory penile orgasms, the kind one can have before they enter puberty and ejaculate for the first time. This however was not the case and I realized a few years after owning one, reading the Wiki, and watching that video by Arctic Wolves that the orgasms that the Aneros produce (i.e. mini-o's/dry-o's/Super Orgasms) really don't involve the penis at all. When I was a kid (before puberty) there were a few occassions that I could have continual or continuous (multiple) non-ejaculatory penile orgasms. I miss those! Unfortunately the Aneros cannot bring these on (at least not for me) but the Aneros can bring something equally good: p-waves, dry-o's, mini-o's, and Super O's. Multiple non-ejaculatory penile orgasms vs. Super O's? I wouldn't trade one for the other. I can't say one is better than the other. They are both unique and therefore equal. I would like to have both; my cake and eat it too. lol. But at least I have the Aneros and it is truly a blessing for all men.
  • While I am neither encouraging nor discouraging fisting this link about it explains what a true anal orgasm is which might interest the Peridise users.

    Here is the link:

    Some other sites to read up on orgasms and prostate and anal and k-spot stuff are:
  • Men can also have breast or nipple orgasms, I have them often. Others have posted about having them also. I must admit I never had them until I read about them here and now I enjoy them immensely.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
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    Man, I have not seen that redright site in years.
    That is a WWW antiquity. :D
  • Oh. I forgot to mention regular or multiple full body orgasms. I assume they stem from the prostate and/or anus and/or penis.

    I would like to know exactly what an anal orgasm feels like or know what the anal orgasm feels like when a guy is fisted. I think the Crystal Wand (, Aneros Peridise sets and Aneros Progasm can produce some of the pleasure that one obtains from being fisted (in a safer way).

    The internal tailbone/coccyx/sacrum area can produce the same amount of pleasure as the prostate if stimulated right. I would say it was the neighbor across the street to the prostate (on the butt side). You can stimulate it with a finger, the Crystal Wand or Deluxe Crystal turned backwards positition.