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Size of Peridise
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello fellow forum members and Aneros users, :)

    So I just received my set of advanced Peridise Aneros. Not that it really matters in how they work, but I was surprised by how small they are compared to the MGX, Helix, and Progasm that I own. I never really bothered to look at the physical dimensions of them prior to buying. But I did just notice now, that all the pictures of anal toys on the "Aneros Originals" page are all adjusted to look about the same size. This is probably where I got my expectation of them being larger came from. Perhaps I should have just tried a Q-tip in my butt for the "super-advanced" model experience! :lol:

    So later tonight I'll get a chance to try them for the first time. Can't wait to feel what it is like. Seeing that I'm experienced with using Aneros prostrate massager's...
    Does it makes sense to start with the smallest Peridise? Or do you think I will need to "train" on the larger one first? If so, at what point do you figure it makes sense to switch to the smaller one?

    Also, I know that the Peridise being uni-sex is about anal pleasure rather than prostrate with the other models. So does that mean the Peridise does not even touch, or graze the prostrate at all?

  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    Congratulations on joining the Peridise club! It is the bookend set to the Progasm – What the Progasm nails with a hammer, the Peridise coaxes out with a feather. The Peridise doesn’t seem to touch my prostate but the myriad of involuntaries and vibrations it produces washes the walls with a constant battery of waves. It makes my pleasure spot glow.

    As for which to try first or which to train on, well, it just doesn’t matter. In general, I use the smaller Peridise on days after Progasm sessions because the Progasm can leave me a little bit sensitive sometimes. I use the larger one because I can feel it more if I haven’t had a session in a while. Heck, you'll just have to try 'em both. I guess I use the bigger one more often because I like to feel the stem a little more.

    They’re just so versatile on weekends or evenings when you want a session but need to be a little more mobile – and don’t forget the couple play!

    Either one is good while sitting outside in my camp chair with a cigar on nights when there is a full moon…

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Thank you for your response J4. :)

    I guess I'll just start with the smaller one and see how it goes. I agree the Progasm can leave me a bit sensitive afterwards also. I'll be curious to see if I can do other things besides lay in bed with the Peridise inserted, which is what I normally do with my other Aneros.