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It has come to my Attention...
  • That's right fellas!!

    It has come to my attention that there doesn't really exist a proper video showing everything from beginning to end. I have watched the videos I record from beginning to end and realize how beneficial they would be for newcomers. However, I haven't posted them because most would find them extremely boring because not that much is happening. Sure the occasional nerve reflexes and involuntary contractions but nothing that exciting. Unfortunately, I think with the videos I'm posting they think they'll get that right off the bat. NOT TRUE!!!

    However, I realize that the beginning part from lubing up, insertion, to the start is the key to having a great session. From the very beginning you can watch the breathing patterns, muscles, everything and be able to put words to an actual event allowing you to compare. What you'll notice is the rules aren't followed. The rules are only merely there to help you. Quit following them to the letter!!

    There needs to be a video that shows EVERYTHING that led up to that wonderful experience.
    I'm here to tell you that I am going to fill that gap. I will show you how to properly lube up and what happens from beginning to end. Maybe this will help you even more for your quest towards the Super-O.

    Please give me till this weekend to get everything posted up to xtube and I assure you it should be educational. (You'll probably start noticing sequence # clips on my video with the Eupho as I add each successive part.)

    Take Care,

    ArcticWolves 8)
  • I know there are file size limitations, but is it possible to provide a voice over? If you narrated what you were feeling or pointed out certain events, that would help the less observant of us.

    Thanks for your willingness to 'bare it all' for the advancement of mankind!

  • It is quite hard to narrate what's going on in my mind, body or what I'm feeling. I really don't know how to describe what I'm feeling. You wouldn't understand because you're not in my body experiencing what I'm experiencing.

    Does that make any sense? :oops:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Unfortunately, I think it is quite difficult to adequately describe the pleasurable sensations one is experiencing from an Aneros session, especially during an orgasm. Even if ‘ArcticWolves’ was able to describe his feelings, emotions and body reactions, it would not do you or I much good because everyone will react differently to this experience. While reading of these other men’s reactions is certainly interesting in comparison to your own, it can also lead to false notions about what you or I might come to ‘expect’ of the experience.
    As recent posts have indicated these notions of ‘expectations’ can have a profound negative effect on the learning curve of newbie users leading them into frustration and a downward spiral of unfulfilled desires.


    The concept for an instructional video has been presented on this Forum a few times before. There have been numerous videos (including yours) on with men demonstrating use of the device. In some cases these were merely videos of men using the Aneros as a traditional masturbatory aid for enhanced ejaculatory orgasms. In a few cases there were depictions of improper usage through manual intervention.

    I believe there are numerous topics of Aneros related use that could be ably demonstrated through video. Among those that immediately come to mind are :
    1.) anus relaxation massage techniques.
    2.) various body positions and movement/gyrations such as the “Slingshot”
    3.) various prostate massage techniques.
    4.) various erotic massage techniques such as the “Male Deer Exercise”
    5.) Identifying one’s ‘sweetspot’
    6.) Effective lubrication and Aneros insertion techniques.
    7.) Effective erotic stimulation techniques.

    It was our own member ‘darwin’ who produced a true instructional video clip a while back that inspired some discussion about ‘BF Mayfield’ and he combining their efforts to produce a training manual for the benefit of us all. Perhaps you can reinvigorate that effort to produce a combined video and written training manual/guide/history/philosophy for Aneros users in conjunction with Mr. Mayfield. I know I would certainly purchase it.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    for an example of a site that has instructional erotic videos, see

    you have to pay. i joined for a month, which is about $30, and you can download the videos. there are probably 100 of them, averaging 4 minutes.

    i would rate them as very good, but shy of excellent (from an aneros user's perspective). definitely worth $30.

    what rumel describes sounds over-the-top fantastic.

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Most of you guys may disagree with me on this, but with all the excellent guides written on this website I don't think that a video would be of much value. A single training manual is a great idea, with sketches or perhaps even some photos for illustration. But if an accompanying video were to be produced it would have to be very well done to be in good taste. Most video clips I've seen were of no practical use at all and to me were actually a turn-off, and if I were not already experiencing the wonders of the Aneros I would probably have thought "Yuk" and dismissed it. Just my thoughts ...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I have been to that site and looked at their ‘free’ video clips. It does appear that they have some good quality information available there but, as you say, it is not tailored to Aneros usage.


    I agree with you that most of the Aneros related video clips we have witnessed on the various adult sites to date have little merit as far as educational value and yes some are a ‘turn-off’ to me as well. However, despite how well worded a description of something like the “Male Deer Exercise” is, guys like me have difficulty sometimes translating those words into the appropriate imagery for implementation. My brain functions best first through visual imagery then through tactile, then audio, then olfactory then through the palate. Written words have to go through a translation process for me to understand what is being described. Thus I learn faster and retain more fully the information I see and hear directly rather than going through the translation aspect. I suspect there are many men with similar cognitive learning behaviors that would welcome a video presentation of some of this information.
  • Ok, well I'm going to post one clip to my xtube account to see if I should continue or I'll just stop. I completely understand where everyone is coming form and that's my biggest fear. So once I add this clip let me know if it's any good and if not I'll pull it off.
  • Ok, I had this ready and posted on March 28 but Xtube was having lots of problems uploading clips. Anyways, here's the clip. I think it's pretty good but let me see what you think.


    Keep in mind this is just an experiment to see if I will continue narrating or not.
  • progasmprogasm
    Posts: 7
    By coincidence I used my Euphos for the first time earlier this evening. It is my second Aneros, having used my Progasm for a few months now. So, it was interesting to watch your video with you using your Euphos, and to note your recommendation to make sure it isn't inserted all the way in when you start, which I had done. So, I'll take your advice the next time I use it, which I'm looking forward to doing soon!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    Great video AW!!!
    Very informative.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Great video. Wheres the rest?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    i am a bit confused. it seems that you have 3 clips here, but all are the same, the first 7 minutes.

  • Ignore the second clip. I didn't like how it came out and re-narrated a third time which I liked much better. The problem was Xtube wasn't loading my clips so I thought the file size might have been to big. This resulted in me cutting the clip down to a smaller size to accommodate Xtube's 50MB limit (the third video clip).

    Please ignore the second video clip. I am trying to figure out how to delete it too but have been unsuccessful.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    maybe you should make a new page, upload the first and third only.

    then you would have a clean link.

  • Thank you for your latest video! Your comments pertaining to your technique (especially the 'breathing') was exactly what I was requesting earlier on the forum. I realize you cannot explain what you are feeling, but when you explain what you are DOING, that is tremendously helpful -- even if you're only saying you are relaxing.

    I had my best session so far after I incorporated some of the things I learned from your video. I noticed that you relax with your elbows pointing above your head. For me, that stretches my abdomen a little and puts slightly more pleasant pressure on the device. Nice little trick, that, as I was immediately receiving the same intensity of sensations which previously happened only after an hour session! Also, I never thought to lie on the bed with my hips open and legs splayed. Again, an idea that paid off for me.

    You seem to lift your chin in your relaxation phase. This will really sound silly, but that made me think of rolling my eyes up toward the top of my head. Combined with lifting my chin, I felt like my consciousness was being stretched away from my prostate -- as if it were falling behind me. That made it very easy to mentally 'disconnect' and allow my body to do whatever it felt necessary. So I achieved a deeper sense of relaxation than I've ever experienced before, and I feel that had a lot to do with my improved session.

    I won't go into a lot of details of what transpired for fear of being misinterpreted, but I did end up involuntarily moaning and convulsing -- as if my body was trying in increase the stimulation it was receiving. It was a first for me and it was fun, fun, fun....!

    So, thanks, ArcticWolves. Your instructional video helped me reach a new horizon on my journey!

  • You're Very Welcome! :wink:
  • xpRobxpRob
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to really thank ArticWolves for posting this video. I had my first super-o today as a result of watching his videos.

    Al little back story... I was just randomly browsing X-Tube the other day and saw a different video of somebody having a pretty powerful orgasm with their Aneros. I have a couple (Helix, Original) that I only use on rare occasion and never really took the time to find that "place" where the super-o's are. But seeing that other video made me curious again. Then I did a search on X-Tube and found Arctic's videos. The first two with face down made me even MORE curious. But the one with narration gave me just a few extra clues that helped me put it all together. That got me back to visit the forums here (haven't been here for a couple of years), and I read up on other's techniques/experiences/etc.

    When I got up this morning, I decided to try out my Aneros (classic) and see where I got. Artic's comment about his video clip started after he was already 30 minutes into a session told me that I needed to be patient and give it the necessary time to get where I wanted to go. Secondly, I noticed how he played with his nipples in his video which is something that I like too, and that turned out to be another one of my keys to success. Lastly, I have recently explored hypnotherapy for purposes of focusing (both professionally and sexually), and I think that was the last piece to my personal puzzle as it helped me to really dial in to be more aware of my body. I didn't have the aneros in for more than 2 minutes before I was starting to feel P-waves. I was still standing in my bathroom and playing with my nipples and started feeling the sensations and thought I should probably go lie down. To make a long story short... I experienced quite a bit of convulsive-like pleasure (not quite as extreme as in Arcit's videos), but I knew I was definitely on the right track. I must admit that it was a little more difficult to determine when I was "done" because I could continually summon these waves up and would then naturally feel my body relax again and my sensitivity wane. I finally stopped mainly because I needed to get up and start my day (spent about 70 minutes total).

    So (back to topic), while such a video may not be useful to everybody, it completely helped me "get it" and was able to apply that and other pieces of info...and just relaxing into the experience to make it happen.

    The only other humorous thing was that I really couldn't tell how much bouncing around and convulsing I was really doing, so I was contemplating video taping it so that I could review it after the fact as the overall experience is one where you think it was imagined after it's all over.

    I definitely have more practicing to do, but wanted to thank Arcticwolves for putting himself out there as it really made a difference for me.

    Cheers! - Rob
  • Wow, this is so inspiring to here. I'm glad my videos were able to help you along in the process! Congrats man!! 8) :twisted: