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I'm new to Aneros, but familiar with prostate play
  • sativahsativah
    Posts: 1
    I have done a fair amount of prostate stimulation on my own. I have even reached some kind of orgasm with prostate stimulation alone. Learning about Aneros was very interesting to me and I would like to check it out but I need an insiders opinion......

    What would be the ideal Aneros model to start with for my situation?
  • DavoDavo
    Posts: 19 the wiki.
  • That's a very good question!! :?: It's hard to recommend something as all have their strengths and weaknesses.:idea:

    Here is a list of most of the products in order from largest to smallest. (NOTE: Click on "COLORED" words for more information about products.)

    If you like big things and you want the biggest ANEROS has to offer, then I would go with a PROGASM to knock your "socks" off. If you want to step down the size a little bit then a MAXIMUS will do the trick to get that fuller feeling. If you want to be gentler on yourself then you could try your hand at the HELIX or MGX. If you want something that moves around more freely then go with the EUPHO.

    As you can see each offers something! It all comes down to what you prefer the most. Hopefully, this has helped you out a little bit better in making your choice. Who knows??? Maybe you'll own the whole collection of aneros products one of these days!! :twisted:

    Good luck in your future pursuits and welcome to this wonderful community!! 8)

    -ArcticWolves :wink: