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One Week with aneros
  • -c--c-
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    So I have been researching this forum for a while and decided to go out and invest in an MGX, and as well purchased a copy of HypnAnerosession (hope I spelled it right). This was an excellent purchase, otherwise, I as a staight 20 something male would have gone at this thing like regular masturbation and ignored the breathing and relaxation and tried to force it to work. My results so far have been pretty good.

    In my first session I felt some good feelings, the cd got me right to the place I was supposed to be. The only thing was the position. I couldn't figure what was the best and kept moving, finally settling on the recommended right side 3/4 prone position. The sensations were good and I could definetly feel it working. After about an hour I gave up just getting some pleasure waves and amazing new feelings.

    The second session everything improved and same with the third the only thing now is I am wondering about the super O's or even mini O's is there any feeling of release or resolution like a normal orgasm? So far I feel these amazing feelings that feel much different, but very intense yet nothing that really pushes me over the edge. I finish a session feeling like my sexual frusteration is teased to the edge, like I am masturbating to the cusp of orgasm and not getting there. I know its early and it takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day and super O's dont generally happen in the first few sessions, but I am just curious if the more experienced users could give me some guidance.
  • rumelrumel
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    Hi –c-,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Yes, you got the spelling correct for "HypnAerosession" . I am happy to hear that it is already helping you get into the relaxed state so essential to this experience.
    The prostate based orgasm is markedly different from the short lived traditional ejaculatory orgasm. Some men do report a sense “…of release or resolution like a normal orgasm”, others do not. I have felt it both ways, but most of my sessions end with a feeling that I could continue to ride the pleasure waves and mini-O’s indefinitely, without any resolution or distinct refractory period. Like I advised in my PM to you, if you don’t expect anything, then everything becomes possible.
    It sounds like you are already hitting a good groove with your response, just continue to be open to all the sensations and let them lead you along the path.