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Peridise Reviews from Women?
  • QuoVadisQuoVadis
    Posts: 30
    Hi again.

    I realize that there are a couple of threads by women relating their experiences with the Peridise series. I'd like to know if there are any other reviews available from women.

    I came (!) onto the Peridise series after a fair amount of solitary experience with other Aneros products and found the Peridise to be effective very quickly. I doubt it would have been so without the previous "work".

    My main interest is how women would find the Peridise without having had the benefit of such a previous "rewiring" experience, or at least significant anal exposure.

    Thanks for any and all comments.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    The only review I've seen so far by a woman is 'lynn2694' see -
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    Hello QV,

    I have my own Advanced set of the Peridise products and from my background into the studies of Taoist/Tantric/Sacred Sexuality...I have found the 're-wiring' process, for women, may be inherently quite different from men. (not just by our physicality) The only 'social stigma' we may have in the area of Anal eroticism is perhaps that, it may be 'Dirty' or the the penis only goes... in the vagina. Men perhaps have the heavy 'Social stigma' of homophobia, if they find pleasure anally and are heterosexual.

    Yet the entire human body is physiologically geared toward being 'erotic' EVERYWHERE just based on the mere fact that our 'sense of touch' is keenly developed, and can be heightened with our awareness of it or we can be taught to become more and more aware of 'Feeling' it.... Our Minds are the true erogenous zones, for men AND women. If we 'think' too much about what we are experiencing instead of actually 'Feeling' it, as is the intention, we may lose touch with the sense pleasure the anal, or any sexual stimuli, may offer us.

    Many women and perhaps homosexual men, have had an over eager partner in the past, that during the height of traditional intercourse, rammed to quickly into the 'back door', not allowing us the chance to physically, mentally or emotionally 'prepare' for the entrance, causing extreme pain, tearing or bleeding...and the conclusion that perhaps Never again to allow anything near there.

    ...But a partner who is caring, considerate and patient...if the partner has worked the woman up to a sexual 'frenzy' in traditional ways then gently stimulates her anally with his tongue ('Rimming'), then slowly works a finger then sl-o-w-ly allows his penis to she allows him to continue...she may find it is extremely pleasure and experience Anal Orgasm.

    I gave the above text so that perhaps, you might choose to use this 'Visual' or ANY sexually charged fantasy you can visualize as you or your partner use the Peridise, along with any other sexual play you prefer, as it will stimulate the objective of anal eroticism. I also like to use the Progasm vaginally with the Peridise anally at times as well.

    Women tend to be Right Brain Dominant, hence, mental visualization may be all she needs to concentrate on with the Peridise...whereas, Men tend to be Left Brain Dominant and need external stimuli, such as sexual pictures, porn, etc. to achieve that switch or trigger, then pull into their visual fantasy and continue with the Aneros. We are ALL as Humans meant to learn to become 'Whole Brained' meaning equally left and right brain for higher mental achievement anyway.

    A Forum post not too long ago, has a visual exercise ( I had seen it from another source over a year ago and loved as I made the dancer twirled 1/4, 1/2 or whole revolutions to left or right easily as I used this left/right brain switch mentally)

    Some female friends I know, prefer anal intercourse over traditional. But each one of us has our own preferences that may stay with us or alter or change over time as we allow our senses to grow, and each partner we may choose to share with over time offers wonderful new options as well.

    Enjoy the pleasure,

  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96

    Hello and thanks for your interest in womens Peridise use. Up until the past couple of years, the only experience I had when it came to anal sex and stimulation was not very pleasant. It took the patient and gentle touch of the right person to really allow me to find that it could be pleasureable. My S.O. is very gifted at giving me the desire to want it. Since he has been away in Iraq, he has sent several extremely erotic messages telling me how he daydreams of our sex life and our willingness to be so open to each other. Reading his words had really made me crave the physical feelings he had given me. I purchased a Helix for him (to use after his return from war) and joined the excellent crew here on the site. The more I read of the men's experiences, the more curious I became of my own sexual desires and what could be possible for me.
    I purchased the Peridise: Beginners set and immediately noticed wonderful sensations that I had not experienced before. Whereas having anal sex was pleasureable, the Peridise seemed more targeted...if that makes sense. Feeling my S.O. inside of me, thrusting gently, felt as though he filled me. While he was thrusting, it didn't allow me the time to really experience the feel, how my body was reacting to the penetration, flexing, contracting. The Peridise allowed me to (for lack of better words), stop and smell the roses. I was able to have that time to just explore my body, feel the different reactions...take notice of the pleasures. I enjoy anal sex occasionally, but with the Peridise being smaller than my S.O., I was able to feel the movement that the Peridise made due to my body's natural contractions.
    If you read my thread "Woman in Peridise", it will tell in you detail how my experiences have worked for me...what was my co-stimulators and so on. I would be happy to answer any questions for you the best I can. Just remember, I'm not an expert here, but very willing to pass on what I've learned so far. :wink:
    I hope this helps. Feel free to message any time.