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A quick question from all you experienced users
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Hi all, I haven't been around for a while and haven't used my Aneros for months. I had great success early on but as time went by I just couldn't get anything at all from it.

    I'd like to ask a question or two. I'm 63 and having some sexual issues with regard to low libido, and as embarrassing as it is to discuss ones very private sexual habits (masturbation mainly) I'm thinking of seeing my doctor.

    1) How many of you have ever discussed masturbation and your use of the Aneros with your medical practitioner?

    2) If so, what was his/her reaction to your masturbation and use of the the device for sexual stimulation?

    I'm really concerned he will see me as immature and basically tell me to 'get a life'. I really need some courage to approach him in the subject.
    It would be nice to know others have confronted this situation and that the doctor treated it as a real issue and not the silly self indulgence of an old man.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Mrbater, it has been a while.

    Sorry you are having issues. I know that there have been many men here that have not only discussed Aneros use with their doctors but some that have brought them in to show them. I distinctly remember guys mentioning it, but I also remember quite a few that have not and would not do it. I guess it is going to come down to what kind of relationship you have with your doctor and also realize that at least as far as masturbation goes, it is completely normal behavior.

    I have known my doctor since high school and I know that if I mentioned Aneros to him, that he would probably smile and say "whatever you want". He is pretty much by the book and does not appear to be open to too much outside of tried and true medicine.

    I really do believe that our relationships with our doctors should be as open as between you and your closest confidant. I would love it if mine was more open.......or made me feel more comfortable being open. If you have some problems that can be helped by this doctor, I hope that you get the confidence to say "what the hell" and just go in there and talk to him about it.

    Good luck to you.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    low libido is a common medical problem. while doctors have seen it all, and you should never feel embarrassed about telling them your medical truths, whatever they are, in this case, there is really nothing personal going on at all. "low libido" that is all you have to tell him.

  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Hello mrbater,

    I am a newbie but making great strides every time I use my MGX. Please bring this to the attention of your Doc. There are several medical conditions that part of the early symptoms are ED and libido issues. If caught early they are correctable. Let alone all the side effects of todays medications. He might even bring it up. My last two physicians asked how were things in the bedroom. When I asked one of the Docs why he asked that question he answered, for two reasons. First every one deserves a healthy sex life. And second was that I have a family history of diabetes and ED is an early indicator. Believe me when I say Doc's have heard it all.

    Good luck C
  • mrbatermrbater
    Posts: 43
    Thanks for the replies and advice.
    In response to Darwin's answer I understand but I just don't think my doctor will respond to a simple "low libido" complaint.
    Because my wife and I rarely indulge now for many complex reasons and he will almost certainly want to know the full history of the issue, it can't help but lead to my almost exclusive reliance now of masturbation as sexual pleasure.
    I'm not sure if I have the courage to discuss that with him.
    Cheers all
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    Have not discussed Aneros with my doctor but did talk about ED and he had complete blood tests done to be sure there was not some medical problem such as low testosterone.

    I am also 63 and take numerous cholesterol and blood pressure medications that seem to have something to do with the ED.

    If your doctor won't have a reasonable discussion with you about your sex life you need to change doctors.

    One thing I did that seemed to help is to start taking Panax Ginseng. There are several types of Ginseng around but the Panax Ginseng is from China and a couple of other countries and is different from the Ginseng from other countries.

    The one place I found Ginseng that specifically says "Panax Ginseng" in the ingredients is Walgreen's brand. An interesting side effect is that my blood pressure has been slightly lower since I started taking it. I take 2 capsules daily.

    Do a Google search on "Panax Ginseng" and you will find some references to medical studies that have been done on it.

    My MD is of Vietnamese extraction and it seems that doctors with an Oriental heritage are more open to herbal and other non-prescription remedies.

    My Urologist is Egyptian and he doesn't think much of herbal remedies although he has not said not to take Panax Ginseng he didn't think it would help anything but my experience has been OK so far.

    Not a spectacular improvement but combined with the Helix and Euphos I have made significant progress. I also signed up with Jack Johnson's KSMO meditation and that seems to help also.

    For me it seems that sex is a "use it or lose it" proposition.

    And at 63 I too masturbate. It is a healthy outlet and is particularly useful if you have other things that limit your activity with your wife. So far it has not made me blind but I do have to wear glasses :wink: