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Aneros use after traditional O
  • qwertyqwerty
    Posts: 8
    I had a normal orgasm earlier today, maybe 5 hours ago. Will aneros stimulation still be effective or should I wait until tomorrow? Haven't had a session since tueday, am still trying to rewwire.
  • The Aneros may not be quite as effective, but you'll never know for sure unless you give it a whirl.

  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    For me it all just depends on my arousal level. Sometimes I can have an ejaculation and be ready to go only hours later and other times it takes a day or two. If you're feeling aroused only hours after having an ejaculation and have the itch for an aneros session then go for it. You may actually find that you can focus more on being relaxed and letting things come to you instead of forcing them since you just had an ejaculation not long ago.