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Improving Products / Website
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    None of this at all is a complaint. However, I have been very interested in the idea of a product site such as Aneros, becoming more of a safe ground for conversation on various sexual experiences. I know I dont post often, but I find it great that we can have all of these great things lined up for us, and supported by other people who own the product.

    Shuffling through the site the other day, I had a few thoughts :

    - I have only been to 2 of the chat events (I plan to attend one this weekend), and have seen that while they are very informative, lines can often times get crossed. Is it possible that an open chat can be created? Obviously there wouldnt always be someone in there. But I think it would be interesting to split up the site a bit. You have the questions (chat room), experiences (blogs), and maybe the forum can be used for things to document. What I mean is : polls, keys to the back door, different unmentioned Aneros methods, ways to maybe create your own session CD, etc.

    - I see all these threads lately about people wanting a new Aneros product. However, I think someone needs to create a different thread to easily and effectively explain the differences in movement, sensations, etc, between already existing Aneros models. Personally, I only own the Helix. I havent had that great of success. Was this the right model for me? If not, what am I missing by not having the other models? And so on ...

    - Along these same lines, I think we are avoiding the obvious choices. A stainless steel model? Why even think of developing something like this, when the original hasnt been fully perfected? Look at the poll threads. A lot of people are doing modifications to their Aneros, so that they can get an overall better experience. And there are people such as myself, who are afraid to do modifications, because it is an expensive product, and I dont want to ruin it. Is it possible to first focus on creating an Aneros that does not have a tail? In fact, I never understood why there was a tail to begin with. I have had the Helix for over a year, and never had a use for it.

    Again .. Im not complaining. Just some food for thought.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Many users confine themselves to the first page of the forum. Please note that it is actually over 72 pages long (see bottom right of the page) and that many of these pages contain discussions of various types of sexual encounters. Although a lot of it relates to the Aneros, a large portion of it is dedicated to all things Super O (the whole body orgasm). So if you look around you will see comments that relate to creating WBO without the Aneros as well. There is even discussion of pegging and milking, the Fleshlight and other activities that have nothing to do with the WBO or the Aneros. While nothing is explicitly excluded in this forum the focus here is the Aneros, the Male Multiple Orgasm and other sexual encounters as they relate to this.

    With respect to the chat, you're in luck because the one that is scheduled this weekend IS an open chat. On lines getting crossed during these events, I know what you mean, but I submit to you that it is the nature of beast. Any time that you have a group of people gathered together there is bound to be several people talking over one another or some side conversation occurring. Add to that the factors of latency, slow typing skills and user impatience and it makes it very difficult for things to follow a linear path. Having attended many of these open chats, I can tell you that there are times when there have been sizable groups and there are times when no one in there at all (with all stages in between I should add). So really, you have to pick your shot.

    In terms of what we can do better, I will say that when I've been in there, myself or one of the other forum vets usually try to keep it on track. We are getting better at this as time goes by and we gain more experience at crowd control lol. In addition to that we are hoping to see some improvements in the future on the chat application that will help us with the latency factor. Depending on the popularity of these events, there will likely be more scheduled during the month.

    In addition to the open chat, there are also moderated chats that are available once a month now. These events are hosted by customer support at Aneros and are generally more focused.

    With respect to how the Community section of the site is organized, it is split up up into sections already. Starting from the Home Page of the Aneros website the Community tab pulls down to 4 sections: Forum, Blogs, Chat and WIKI.

    The WIKI is a distillation of knowledge contained in 3500 threads and the years of experience of advanced Aneros users. It has been designed to give new users an overview of what the Aneros is about, get them started and help them achieve success with the device on a shorter track.

    The Chat section offers live interaction with forum members (new and advanced users) so questions may be addressed instantaneously. It also provides an opportunity for fellowship where users can get together and compare notes in an open and friendly environment. It has it's own forum where transcripts of the hosted events are posted.

    The Blogs section was created to allow individual users an opportunity to chronicle their own journeys to the Super O.

    The Forum has it's own it's own Home page where with tabs for General Discussion, Community Polls, Testimonials, the Chat Center, the WIKI and Archives. The General Discussion section is what we commonly think of as "the Forum" and it provides a place for users to create their own topics and have discussion with other members. If there is something that you wish to add, say as in your how to "create your own session CD" all means, start a thread!

    On explaining the differences between the Aneros models in terms of how they feel or move, this is a highly subjective topic, and one that has been discussed extensively in the forum. If you look to the top of the first page of the forum you will see my Sticky thread entitled ANEROS, THE NEXT GEN., PROGASM & PERIDISE REVIEWED This thread contains my review and the reviews of other users for each of the Aneros models currently in production. You can also keyword a model name by accessing SEARCH (top right) to find other discussion of it elsewhere in the forum.

    On making a perfect Aneros...I think you need to qualify what perfect means in this context. If you are referring to one product that would provide instant results for everybody who tried it.....that's never going to happen. Frankly, the concepts of sensation and arousal that are involved with this kind of stimulation are far too subjective for that. The truth is that much of ones success depends on what they bring to the table. Some of this is attitude, but anatomical variation can be a factor as well. This is why there have been several Aneros models developed, to meet individuals needs.

    Regarding the Aneros handle or "tail", from the beginning it has been there for purposes of extraction and to a limited extent balance as well. On the Progasm, there is no handle per se, the rear projection is known as a K-tab (designed to stimulate an acupressure spot below the tailbone). On going tail-less this is something that is currently under consideration. For now, however, it is a decision that each user must make for themselves. Certainly, there are numerous threads and polls on this subject that will help you make your evaluation. Keyword it in the SEARCH. you'll find that this has been the topic of frequent discussions in the forum.

    I might suggest that you take some more time to familiarize yourself with what's available in the Community section of this site. There is a tremendous amount of information that is here at your disposal. So much so, that it often makes it difficult to see, even when it's right in front of you. I grant you that there many things that could be improved here. But this is an evolving resource. Over the last several years there has been more and more user participation with the structure and organization of the Forum. I expect to see this trend continue in the future as we all endeavor to build a better mouse-trap!


    BF Mayfield