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6 month ocasional user, question for all
  • Hi folks,

    I purchased the mgx and helix last Oct to see if it would help a prostate condition. Im a 44 year old healthy, exercise three times a week male. For the last 3-4 year i have from time to time gotton the sensation of a need to always urintate. :cry: Went to Urologist for complete checkup in NOV. He said all the test were fine. Still having the problem. The last month I have used the aneros twice a week, 2 hour sessions. sometimes Im pretty sore the next day. Im i using this two long, too often or could it be something else? Just curious if anyone else here has has a need to urinate issue and has been checked out by the doctor and told that everyting looks good. I did take an antiboitic for 10 days to get rid of any bacterial infection if it was there.

    I did start smoking cigars about the time 3-4 years ago when this started, the doctored told me the nicotine goe straight to the tiny vessels in the prostate. SO I STOPPED the cigars. I have also read stories on the internet of guys saying when they stopped using SHOWER GEL like axe, the problem went away. This week I gave up shower gels and returned to the old bar of soap.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. The aneros does provide some relief, and it sure feels good. : :D

    Thanks Guys!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    If your primary reason for getting involved with the Aneros is for treating prostatitis or a BPH, it is not necessary to engage in such lengthy sessions, they may in fact be counterproductive. Should you wish to have long sessions like this, it is necessary to work up to them over time. But even so, depending on the nature of your condition, they may not be appropriate for you. Another thing that is important to look at are the type of contractions that you've used. Know that there is no need for high intensity contraction with this device. Hard contractions can indeed make you more sore than you would have been otherwise, particularly if you were undergoing a prostatitis flare up. For more information on the health aspects of the massager go to:


    BF Mayfield
  • BF Mayfield,

    Thanks for your response, I will take your advice. :D
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,311

    go to a urologist. your family doctor does not have the means to diagnose this. it is possible you have "overactive bladder," a common issue unrelated to BPH.