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Working toward the pure breast orgasm
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 198
    It's been a couple of years since I discovered that I could have an orgasm by
    massaging the breast area. The catch was that I had to have a nipple orgasm
    first in order to awaken the erogenous feeling in the breast, but then they
    become very responsive and produced an intense, 'round' but extremely satisfying
    second orgasm.

    Lately I have been using the nipple for 'foreplay.' getting myself aroused but
    then, before having a nipple orgasm, I switch over to the breast, and there is
    this slow and delicious build up to breast orgasm.

    My goal is to sensitize the breast sufficiently so that I can have a pure breast
    orgasm, without any nipple play whatsoever!

    What an amazing thing breasts and nipples are! They are an erotic gold mine that is located right under our
    chins! I discovered my nipples almost 50 years ago--the amazing thing is that I
    keep discovering more pleasures in this area.

    Enjoy guys!