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Worried about muscle contractions
  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18
    Hi to all that read this.

    I've read a lot of the forum and absorbed much information. It was what inspired me to obtain the aneros in the first place, however the journey towards multiple Os began because I was really curious as to why my girlfriend can achieve multiple's with ease (and they are endless too) and yet men seem(ed) to be trapped with a single orgasm, a good one, but still one nonetheless. I felt that there had to be more, that our bodies were as capable at least of orgasms without ejaculation as I've always felt orgasm and ejaculation were distinct events. My search led me here, so I guess I'm thanking all those who have contributed so far.

    Anyway, to the point of my fresh arrival, and yes I have tried to locate an answer to my concerns already.

    I began with an SGX and MGX a few months ago but quickly placed an order for a Helix as I really wasn't feeling anything with the first two. The Helix certainly felt a little different, more pressure towards the top of it on full contraction. I guess that might be me feeling the prostate but not sure how I can tell the difference between just something in my rectum or something touching my prostate. Should I always feel the prostate being touched?

    With the Helix inside I feel relaxed. However, I definitely never feel a tingle that would be eminating from near the device itself and from that I mean the prostate. In fact, I'm not sure I really feel the prostate at all. It does feel nice inside I guess so it is quite possible that I am overlooking the sensations perhaps and trying to eek out something more desireable?

    I do tend to focus on clenching to full contraction more than anything as that seems to be when I feel the most of anything inside. Whatever it is that I feel inside almost seems to be taken-over by the P-tab though which is a less comfortable feeling and therefore detracts from what I feel inside. I guess I really need to focus hard on the sensations inside over everything else?

    Anyway, regardless of what I may be doing wrong above, not relaxing enough or clenching too much, I do get to a point that worries me. I find that if I am aroused while I clench, my breathing gets faster and deeper and minutes later I feel tingling in my hands and my stomach muscles tingle and contract. The feeling would be exactly the same as those electronic muscle exercisers that contract the muscles by sending electrical charges into the body through pads. I have felt the tingling grow into both arm muscles and even into my neck and cheek muscles. One time whilst practising with my girlfriend my arm muscles had contracted so much during this period that she could not extend my arms for me. I definitely could not consciously extend my arms. They were locked solid.

    It is a pleasant feeling but scary too. Regardless, it really feels like there is a "next level" to come. I do not feel any waves of pleasure or any ejaculatory feelings, no dry orgasm. Just these tingles and severe muscle contractions.

    Now my question (finally hey ;-) ) is are these muscle spasms anything to do with the aneros and the stimulation or is it something else? I have experienced the same feeling in the same position (on my back slightly elevated upright with pillows) while being pleasured by my girlfriend, way before I found the aneros. The only similarity was the breathing, so, I'm wondering if this is maybe a symptom of hyperventalating? I never feel like I'm going to pass out, and the room doesn't spin, but this is worrying me a bit that it might do me injury as I continue on the journey. Has anyone else experienced these feelings?

    Thanks to all who reply.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Welcome! As you've mentioned that you've been reading through the forum, I trust that you've gone through the WIKI as well. If not, make sure to stop there. The WIKI contains the distillation of much of my content as well as that of several of the other expert users.

    Know that many of our quests around here had a similar starting point....the observation of our partners multiple orgasmic bliss! On your uncertainty about the Aneros engaging your prostate, my question to you is, are you aware of what prostate stimulation feels like? If you've ever had a finger-wag, that is a DRE at the urologist, it will give you some idea, although it's far more intense than anything the Aneros is capable of. When the prostate is first engaged by the Aneros, it generally produces are a mild sensation of urinary urgency. Over time this gives way to a sensation of gentle pressure . Given more time this gentle pressure or fullness often begins to register as a pleasant tickling sensation that may be felt in the prostate, anus and penis simultaneously.

    Understand that it should not be necessary to use high intensity (hard) contractions to obtain some prostate sensation from the Aneros. If this is so, then you may want to look at methods of improving the efficiency of the massager. One such method involves using different body positions. Different positions can often orient the device in different ways internally. Try side-lying (right side and left), kneeling, on all-fours or squatting. If you're still not sensing anything it may be time for a modification of the Aneros itself. Many users have found that removing the handle (the curled projection on the rear) has the effect of allowing the unit to cant forward a little bit more....producing a more stimulation.* That said this can also have the effect of producing more pressure from the P-tab.

    If you've been having some discomfort from the P-tab there are some workarounds for that. These include using a piece of towel or an old washcloth, a cotton ball or one of my favorites....a piece of a ping pong ball! This last one is pretty cool, as it's something that you can wash and keep, that displaces the force over a wider area, lessening the impact of the tab.

    On the matter of these contractions that you've been experiencing, rest assured that this is not the first time that this topic has come up. There have been other users who seem to go into tetanic contraction like this. Some have even related a convulsive contraction with little or no sensation accompanying it. Why does this occur? It seems to be that some people's body's are wired this way and respond this way to certain kinds of erotic stimuli. In tantric circles it is felt that this is sexual energy that is trapped within the body.

    So how can breathing produce this effect? What you will learn as time goes on is that breathing can be a powerful means of charging and at other times relaxing our bodies. With certain types of breathing it is possible to produce pleasure and full erotic release from it alone. There is some skill involved with this of course. For more on this you might also want to check into KSMO (the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm) at

    This method has often been used as a companion to the Aneros and in many instances has been found helpful in smoothing out these issues. KSMO utilizes a focused breathing technique, relaxation, mental focus and sound.

    Another method that you might find helpful in this regard (and it's free) is the Male Deer Exercise (odd name I know). You can find a description of it here:

    You may want to also keyword male deer exercise in the Search field for more information relating to this.

    Erotic hypnosis sessions can also be very helpful as they are generally focused on arousal by way of relaxation. The HypnAerosession CD is a great place to start:

    Please keep us posted on your progress and once again welcome!

    BF Mayfield

    *If you decide on handle removal be certain to keyword handle removal or modifications for details on this.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)
    Hi OBoy,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    As usual, ‘B Mayfield’ gave you some excellent information. IMHO the muscle contractions you experienced were do to use of your massager. I suspect as you become more familiar with its use these types of muscle contractions will evolve into less dramatic, yet more pleasurable events, so I think you need not be scared or afraid of their occurrences. It is all part of your prostate awakening and the rewiring process, I don’t believe our bodies would ever intentionally produce such reactions to our detriment. I think learning to relax may also greatly help you transition into this new paradigm of orgasmic pleasure.
    You might try utilizing this breathing technique to aid in your relaxation process. (link courtesy of ‘The_Bishop’) Getting into a relaxed mental and physical state will more readily allow you to detect and focus on the subtle sensations emanating from your prostate.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    OBoy said:

    Now my question (finally hey ;-) ) is are these muscle spasms anything to do with the aneros and the stimulation or is it something else? I have experienced the same feeling in the same position (on my back slightly elevated upright with pillows) while being pleasured by my girlfriend, way before I found the aneros. The only similarity was the breathing, so, I'm wondering if this is maybe a symptom of hyperventalating? I never feel like I'm going to pass out, and the room doesn't spin, but this is worrying me a bit that it might do me injury as I continue on the journey. Has anyone else experienced these feelings?

    Thanks to all who reply.


    Although I answered this indirectly before, perhaps it's better that I address it more clearly. Given that you have experienced this phenomenon prior to using the Aneros, it is likely that this is something that you were already predisposed to that the Aneros is playing into at this point. My sense is that it's a good time to backtrack a bit and focus on building arousal in a little more controlled manner. Whether you side-step this tetanic contraction phase or not, at some point this should involve release for you. The methods Rumel and I listed are means to that end.


    BF Mayfield
  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18
    Thanks BF Mayfield and Rumel. Great advice and you've done wonders for my confidence. As Rumel I think said, I don't believe this is a bad thing but perhaps it is just masking the effects and sensations I should be concentrating on and nurturing.

    I do find myself trying to force these feelings on towards the inevitable contractions, although it has to be said it doesn't always happen. I guess I was confusing them with the tickle that people have talked about and so believed I may have been on the right path, doing the right thing so to speak.

    I have tried using my own finger (girlfriend's nails are way too long) to touch my prostate and did feel that urge to pee feeling then but I think I probably pressed harder than the aneros does, or maybe it is just that the aneros is a more fuller feeling and less pointed than my finger so the pressure is more spread out. I'm not sure on this but I guess the device has to be touching it, the prostate is there after all :-).

    I really agree with you guys that I need to focus back on the relaxation and try to nurture the more subtle feelings. I have read a lot of the forum and the WIKI in the past but will certainly reread it again as it is really informative, and the collective gatherings of other's knowledge and experience is invaluable to me. I will check out those breathing exercises.

    I'm going to continue without mods to the Helix just yet. I'm prepared to give this some time before assessing a need for change.

    I will keep you posted as things progress.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    OBoy said:

    I do find myself trying to force these feelings on towards the inevitable contractions,

    I tried to force these feelings on toward the "conclusion" also. The "conclusion" being (in my mind) ejaculation. Once I gave up trying to 'get there' and started using the phrase "Enjoy The Journey" I started making real progress.

    Now I concentrate on the feelings my body is giving me instead of trying to force my body to do something. In other words, I quit trying to ejaculate or even have an orgasm. It helped when I made up my mind before I started that I was not going to a 'destination', I was just out for a 'Sunday drive' to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. I relaxed and spent more time concentrating on breathing deeply and let my body go where it wanted to go. It took me places I have never been before in my 63 years!
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello Helixbill, isn't it great to be a sexagenarian :D

    For me it was like going through puberty all over again, but continuing on from where I left off when I was 16. Now I know why we are called "sex"agenarians :lol:

    Best wishes,

  • GrandTiger wrote:

    For me it was like going through puberty all over again, but continuing on from where I left off when I was 16. Now I know why we are called "sex"agenarians :lol:

    When I reflect on my journey those exact same words came to mind... I'm just continuing on from where I left off as a teenager. (I'm now 66)

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Oh, but if only we had had the wisdom when we were 16 that we have now. Why does it take us guys six decades to grow up :(
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    At 53, I sometimes feel like a youngster on this forum!
  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18
    Hi Everyone,

    Just thought I'd give an update based upon your advice. Discussion after all seems to be paying off.

    I purchased the HypnAerosession mp3 download and found it a great way to switch my mind off from the day's stresses, something I typically have a problem doing anyway. Certainly helped me gain some quality sleep too!! It also helped me to concentrate my breathing technique which disconnected me from trying to achieve a goal, and allowed me to feel what my body was experiencing.

    I've had about 3 sessions since my last post. From a positional perspective, I feel more comfortable on my knees with my head buried in pillows. This allows me relax my abdomen and naturally fill it as I breath in without even concentrating on the breathing.

    I no longer feel the same muscle contraction just a little tingle perhaps in the hands and abdomen. I try to just relax when I feel it rather than escalate my breathing.

    One major difference with the last session was I felt much more aroused. I guess by just enjoying the feeling and relaxing allowed me to explore my mind a bit more and therefore get more turned on. This also induced a rock hard erection within seconds and consequently greater feeling inside as my sphincter contracted automatically, and yes I did feel a much more pleasurable feeling inside - must be the prostate - a little tingle, and almost like I could feel the helix rubbing the prostate, akin to rubbing your nose with your finger. I just concentrate on this feeling and try to move the aneros ever so slightly back and forth to centre on the feeling. It increases a little but then seems to die off, possibly because my mind is trying to control it rather than letting my body take control.

    What I've definitely learnt from this is that my body needs to be turned on to feel anything, and that getting to a turned on state will only happen if I am relaxed. Even though I don't get involountaries of the pulsating variety, I did get a few singular involountary contractions of my sphincter.

    I feel like I'm making progress so thanks for the advice.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Glad to hear that you are making progress, stick with it!
  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18
    Hi All,

    Before I give an update I'd just like to say that I appreciated the transcript of the chat the other day. World time zones being as they are meant it's a little difficult to be awake for the chat but I enjoy the discussions had nonetheless, so thanks for posting it.

    I've purchased a progasm since my last posting. I guess I couldn't overcome the feeling that a different model might help trigger something. I've since come to terms with the idea that all the models are likely to produce results so I shouldn't give up on any of them. To this end I alternate at times (if I feel like it) between the MGX, Helix and Progasm, sometimes sticking with one model for an entire session, sometimes not. Point is, I don't switch just because one model might not be working. I try to enjoy them all.

    Anyway, to the topic at hand. I did have one session not long after the last posting that produced the worst muscle contractions I could imagine. I feel this is definitely linked to the fast breathing I was doing, plus the stimulation. I didn't feel a wave that was really pleasureable, just a build up of nice tingling, starting in the hands and legs, stomach also, and then it grows to cover my whole body, including my face. The tingle turns to muscle contraction and when I say contract I mean really severe. I could not move from my position on my stomach (I started on all fours) and my arms were locked with my forearms across my chest, fists rigid in a clench. At this point I had lost complete control over the feeling, and unique to this session my leg muscles firmly clenched. I had real muscle fatigue for days after in my calves.

    Even though it definitely didn't end with pleasure, I was not put off by the session as there were some nice tingles. I did feel though that I was trying to force the situation again. Too much focus on thinking the feelings I'm looking for are similar to traditional penile stimulation.

    I felt much more determined to make relaxation the focus for further sessions, whatever my body throws at me. Lots of nice thoughts and deep breathing, coupled with some porn for that important mental imagery. I also start out with the only goal being to relax myself.

    With this fresh focus in mind I've actually had much better sensations inside. More localised tingling in my anus and a feeling of a growing tingling generally in the area of the aneros. I have even recently (today) felt the anal quivering and a subsequent nice (noticeable) feeling as the aneros rubs my prostate. Yes, I can actually feel my prostate now.

    For me at least the anal twitching seems to be in-tune with my breathing. Is this normal? Is this the involuntaries people talk about, or are they something else? It's nice whatever it is so it's a good thing for me I feel.

    What was important for me was physically noticing that at the point of feeling the tingling growing if I tried to force it along the feeling would subside immediately. If I did nothing but hold the (light) contraction I had at the time and continued with the relaxed breathing the feeling would grow a little more. Even though I made progress I ended it there - was going for over an hour - it just felt a good point to stop, and I was happy with the result.

    I think I'm making progress to more pleasureable feelings so thanks for the advice about relaxing.