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Hands-Free Ejaculation vs Orgasms with Aneros
  • progasmprogasm
    Posts: 7

    I have regularly experienced hands-free orgasms and ejaculation similar to what you have shown, although possibly effected in a somewhat different manner (you can refer to my prior post regarding this.) Using Aneros, it is likely possible for you to have an orgasm and ejaculate without touching your penis. However, one of the premises for Aneros use is to have orgasms without ejaculating, the idea being that, by not actually ejaculating, one can have extended orgasms and sustain multiple orgasms, and super orgasms.

    Just this past week, I have finally experienced what I would regard as these extended orgasms/multiple orgasms, after having used the Aneros progasm a few times previously with pleasant sensations, but nowhere near the intensity which I recently experienced. During my period of Aneros use, I can sense the "rewiring" that others refer to in terms of my body responding to sensation, even when just sitting around. In my most recent session, all I did was insert the progasm and then lie in bed and relax. I did not move or contract my sphincter in any way...just relaxed and focused on what I was feeling in my body, particularly the area surrounding the progasm. All of a sudden, intense waves shuddered through my entire body, followed by involuntary contractions, leg and arm jerking, moaning, gasping, pounding heartbeat...I reached a point where I felt as though my balls were exloding and I was ejaculating, though no semen was ejaculated at all. I had orgasmic activity like this fairly constantly for about an hour and a half, though there were a few points where it ceased, almost from exhaustion. I then drifted off to sleep, waking some time later and starting to orgasm again. I continued like this for about a half hour, then decided to get up. I had thought that I had been asleep for hours, yet when I looked at the clock, I had only been in bed for just over four hours, nearly two hours of which were taken up with orgasm activity. So with roughly two hours sleep, I awoke amazingly refreshed and energized.

    Once I got up, I headed for a shower. In the shower, I decided to stroke my cock and this resulted fairly quickly in another orgasm with ejaculation. I noticed that with ejaculation my energy level dropped a bit. This demonstrated to me the energizing effect of rewiring the body using the Aneros progasm and having extensive orgasms without necessarily ejaculating.

    I will usually end up with ejaculating as I do find this aspect fulfilling and love the sensation. It is also reportedly important for prostate health to ejaculate frequently. But the focus with Aneros is definitely the orgasm and the body rewiring. Once you've experienced this activity, it will likely change how you experience your hands-free orgasms during those sessions as well...possibly making them more intense and perhaps even adding more control to the experience to extend the orgasm and ejaculatory threshold before the inevitable eruption of semen. More time will definitely be required as this is definitely not the "quickee" which your five minutes in the shower is.

    Keep the group posted on your progress...Cheers!