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Open invite to yahoo chat
  • I will unfortunately not be able to attend chat on saturday 2/28 (I don't think there is a 2/29 this year). I am, however, on yahoo a lot and if some are available and want to chat, I'd really appreciate input and advice "real time". With moderator permission, my yahoo ID is reddog_e350. Members that can and want to chat, please send mssg or add me to member list. I will answer offline messages. I also have Windows Live Messenger available but rarely use it. I hope to hear from some of you.

  • Thanks for the response so far! I'm often available during the day EST from about 0900 til 1400. I look forward to chatting with those who've already sent adds.

  • I have figured out how to have a conference chat so it can be a mini session like this one. Nothing set in stone, i feel an organic meeting of users in an alternate format is best. I am NOT trying to detract from the chat sessions here, just trying to replicate it on an occasional basis