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Just bough aneros euphos hope it will work okay
  • Hi there i just bought the aneros euphos from for 94.50 AUD
    including postage and handling i am hoping it will work alright the euphos looks pretty damn orgasmic but small too me so i bought one i have decided for now to lay off using stuff like big dongs dildo's etc becasue of the incompitence factor which a member warned me about and i have decided to stick to using medium sized dildo's etc.

    The good news is that at the moment i am satisfied with the size of my penis and feeling a lot more sexually confident finally at last, before i could not get an erection i could barely get aroused the only way i could get an erection was to force myself to get one because i was soo concerned and anxious about the size of my penis because i watched to much heterosexual porn and seeing how big most porn stars where i became very dissatisfied discontent with the size of my own penis 6.5
    which became a very bad case of not being able to perform at all due to psychological damage cause which drove me to constant every hour obsession with the concern of the size of my penis.

    Anyways i think i am over it now i have not looked at heterosexual porn for over a minute i have only seen images very breifly whilst looking at aneros videos on xtube or whilst searching for lesbian porn on the internet and girls using toys mostly women having multiple orgasms using rabbit vibrators i cannot find enough of these videos i have an obsession with women using there rabbit vibrators when they use it, it reminds of what i have felt using my progasm and now i know what they are feeling and what it feels like in their videos, and in my opinion every young woman shoulkd own one and every man should own an aneros prostate massager, i need more of these video's i cannot find enough of them must have more, and more and more, just like multiple orgasm give me more oooooooh yes that feels so frigin amazing i want to have them every day is this too much?

    And last night i had the best multiple orgasm ever i started off using my old aneros MGX with the tail cut off and things where moving to slowly and the feelings and tension where not buiding, so i said stuff this and inserted my progasm i was mildly aroused on and off and the sensations where not
    too strong not too weak but the pleasure and ecstacy and the contractions slowly got stronger and stronger and a few times i would reach a point where my ass would contract and hold my progasm
    for like two seconds but oh god i felt good i couldnt beleive what i was experiencing, but after these strong contractions i would have to stop or slow down and rest and use lighter contractions of course during all this i was looking a pictures in my zoo magazine of barely clothed amaginly curved hot women to amplify my sexual arousal, these women i would have sex with in a nonosecond if i got the opportunity.

    After a while of a few of these strong contractions i started to become really aroused at the thought of my aneros in my anus pushing again my prostate then i started contracting harder again and the mindblowing pleasure started to build up and i thought oh boy here we go and i let out a short sigh or a small moan of orgasmic releif as i felt the first of a series of contractions, and all the contractions where small but strong quick grabbing type contractions and during
    this i was thinking some words that relidgeous people might find offensive so i will
    leave out what i was thinking and saying out slightly to myself the mindblowing orgasm only lasted just under a minute, but after it finished i was rolling around on the bed with the progasm still in thinking omg that was frigin amazing and i could not beleive it had actually happened it was sooo orgasmicaly amazing "O" yeah i dont actually know for sure if it was a super "O" but then on the other hand not being able to beleive what has just actually happened is a very good sighn of a super "O" isnt it?

    But now with my sexual confidence back which has been back for almost a week and i am confident will stay back for good hopefully this time i have been as horny as hell with some periods of erections lasting twenty almost twenty minutes now i am obsessed with sex and using my aneros
    and because i attend attend A.A meetings in the city everyday i am going into the sex shops almost everytime i walk past them but i mainly just look around a lot because i have not got a job yet
    and everytime i visit an a new area i have not been if i am by myself i just have to visit a new sex shop if i see one because i always think i might see someting new like a toy that really turns me on no more big stuff though, and now i just keep getting very aroused and hard at the thought of using my aneros and having multiple orgasms when i am aroused my pc muscles my prostate and my anus feel really good an sensitive and fantastic to touch especially my prenium if i press it or rub it.

    We'll i hope when the euphos arrives i will be able to handle it hopefully it is not to advanced for me
    maybe i will have a better chance now that i have not stuck anything big in my a noose lol, and hopefully things will eventually tighten back up enough for me to use the euphos successfuly if not i have wasted to much money, and if i use my blue aneros progasm too much my a noose starts hurting it feels like it's the muscles up there near my prostate but i cant seem to feel any pain in my prostate which i guess is a good sign.

    :D :D :D :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Sounds like thing are going well Critta, let us know your progress. :)
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25
    That's awesome!

    I don't want to be rude, but the period "." is really meant to be used at the end of each sentence, not just the paragraph! :D

    Seriously, it's obvious you have much to share, but your audience may get less than you intended if it is too hard to read. Making the sentence end with a period and begin with an uppercase letter makes it MUCH easier for us to follow the separate thoughts that you are composing.

    I'm not one to pick apart grammatical errors and stuff, I consider that somewhat petty. But this is something that will actually help you get your points across!

    Free advice is worth every penny you paid for it, so do with it what you will.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850

    I read the post as a stream of consciousness or narrative mode. Sometimes grammar falls by the wayside when you have to get it all out! :)
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    You will be very pleased with eupho. It is the most mobile of the devices.