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120 day update / my first responses from the aneros
  • Im a 44 yr old male, healthy, excercise regularly. I first tired Aneros in October, tried to force the results, I was anxious. Tried 5 or 6 times, little response. Took it out the other day after reading advice on forum to put it in an just relax. THIS WORKED. I dozed off and 15 minuted later woke up arosed, some good felling in my mid section and the aneros being sucked in to me, causing my penis to go hard and feel some nice pleasure as the result of the aneros pressing against the prostate. I was able to relax and have this moderate flow of energy 8 or more times in the next two hours. It felt good, my hips arched and I had a moderate sensation to thurst my hips back and forth.

    I'm sure this wasnt the big O, but just a mild sense of whats to come. The first time was the most intense and the following 7 were gradually less intense. Can any of the experienced members out their describe what i had and what I should do in the future to get better results.

    I thought for sure after the first couple of times I tried that all these messages were fake! After the other night I know its for real. I wasnt expecting anything and the full body sensation was GREAT! :D

    Please comment...Im interested in what others think. My prostate is feeling a little better to, I have been having problems with it clinching down on me and the doctors cant find anything. I think the milking of it helped.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
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    Welcome to the Forum,

    From your description of sensations I would say you were in the process of a ”prostate awakening”. You have recently been exposed to P-waves (pleasure waves) being generated in the course of the massaging action.
    I think you should continue to develop a facility for relaxing, IMHO, this is crucial to pleasurable sessions, have no expectations for any particular goal (especially the Super-O). You are on a sensual journey of unfolding self knowledge, enjoy all the things you learn about yourself along the way. As you become more attuned to your body the intensity of the sensations and pleasure will likely increase, but understand, you can not coerce these feelings to occur in the manner you can with traditional penile stimulation. The sensations need to be allowed to emerge from within you.
    The WIKI is a great resource of knowledge, I encourage you to read it.
  • Okay, so doing nothing! relaxing the mind and just letting it happen gave me what I believe to be a mini o. It just took over for about 15 to 20 seconds and made me feel like i was cumming. How do I know if it was prostate fluid or an ejaculation? This was a mini 0 and note the super o, right?

    This all happened after about 30 minutes of p waves that built up. A question: when I am having these mini o, or so i think, do i relax and let them happen or stop them to build them up. Yes I have read the wiki but would like an experienced users comments.

    What is the transition from mini to super o, does it just happen?

    This was an experience! i prefer on my back. Thanks for all those who read and reply to these messages!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421
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    An ejaculation causes the expulsion of semen, part of which is prostatic fluid. If you didn’t ejaculate but “… made me feel like I was cumming.”, you experienced a mini-O or a dry-O. Use of the Aneros will allow you to experience multiple dry-O’s sequentially (MMO – Male Multiple Orgasms) which might then be considered a Super-O depending on its intensity. You may or may not transition through mini-O’s to dry-O’s on your way to the Super-O, although that is frequently described. Every session is unique, just learn to enjoy whatever you do experience because you can’t force the Super-O to occur.
  • tdt422tdt422
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    I am new to this myself, for just a few weeks now. Today I had 2 sessions a couple hours apart.
    The first one I was too distracted so not much became of it. I was hoping for too much.
    But the second one I was more relaxed doing and it got me going with my hips back and forth and some involuntary contractions after just 15 minutes.
    Sometimes it helps to do a few voluntary ones to get it started. I had some shaky legs too, but I just went with the flow and it was enjoyable. There is a lot to be said about not expecting too much and just enjoy what comes your way. Not all days and therefore all sessions what you may be after. I use the progasm but have been thinking about downsizing a little to the helix - more mobility. At 50 it's a nice journey that my wife also is ok with, all though this isn't her bag.