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Finally the Helix has Arrived
  • I got my Helix today, and decided to give it a try.

    I relaxed for about a half an hour prior to insertion, then warmed up with some erotic literature(seems to get me going better then visual porn? Maybe its cause i can form my own ideas on looks etc). I made sure to do a light cleaning out before hand with the enema type devise, and applied some lube(KY and the Wet Glide) onto the devise and inside, then slowly teased instead of putting it all the way in(Not used to doing anything down there so i wanted to take it slow). I finally eased it in slowly, and i would assume because of the lube it went in quite easily for my first time, the like the instructions said, i just relaxed for a few minutes, trying to get use tot he feelings. When i felt i was ready i began slow long contractions with my breathing, i began to notice real nice feelings, they would stay for a few contractions, then go for a few, and come back again, i did this for about 45 minutes, towards the end i was a little more aggressive with the contractions, because at that point i was starting to really like the little feelings, sure it wasnt anywhere close to an orgasm, but it still felt really nice. After about 45 minutes i decided to come to a close, and preceeded to finish myself off with a normal orgasm while the aneros was still in and had a pretty great normal orgasm.

    After I took the devise out, I noticed that inside me something felt really sensitive, kind of like your penis head for moments after you cum, and i still had the urge to keep contracting even tho the devise was out.

    For me this is a great and successful session, granted i wasn't flopping on the bed doing back flips and cartwheels, and i wasnt able to acheive an orgasm solely through the aneros, but it was a wonderful feeling and im still sensitive to the feeling an hour later. Being as such im going to take tomorrow off(im tempted to put it back in for another hour, but i know too much might desensitize me or make me sore and numb), and hopefully enjoy another session this weekend!!

    Also doing some experimentation with positioning, i found i like it better on my right side, the left seemed a little less, and on my back it was as if i couldnt even get it to move anyone else have that on their back? This weekend i hope to try out on my stomach.
  • Sounds alot like my first session. I would recommend taking some time off, its not as good when your still sore. Trust me youll be thinking about it on your break and itll be that much better everytime you do this.

    As far as being on your back it doesnt seem to be a problem at all for me, but I am pretty fit and a normal weight for my height. I would recommend laying on your stomach, its my favorite position so far with back being a close second.
  • I think that's a great start, Bigpoppanev. You're not rushing and that's good. Soon you may find those really nice little feelings become more and more irresistible.

    I was encouraged to start a blog to document my progress, and you might want to too. It's pretty easy to do right here on the site.

    Keep it up and stay in touch.