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New poll: How did you first learn about the Aneros?
  • The_Bishop recommended I post a link to my new poll here.

    So there you go. :-) I'm curious how people are finding out about the Aneros.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I think I heard about it on the Fleshlight forum.
  • I think I seen a picture of the mgx on google. I have no idea what I was searching for but somehow stumbled on reviews of it. Didnt think about it again until about a year ago when I seen it again surfin the net.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great Poll off to a great start Robby-O!

    Dr. Unk, your own story adding up through several of your posts is interesting and I posted a suggestion about you starting your own blog here. See:

    I found Aneros during the research on the net in the lead-up to mrs. a and I launching our "mutual prostate practice" about two years ago. Aneros became the key. KSMO the companion amplifier and energies director. Mrs. a and I have flown through ourselves, each other, and the multi-verse universe the the most astounding ways!

    To get started back then we went to a co-op sex store in the Big City and got a few toys, books and videos we thought would assist us. My main one was my first aneros; my MGX!

    Gentle, gradual, glorious orgasmic progress over the first 9 months and then everything took off for the stars extraordinarily rapidly! ... for older geezers :D

  • marmotmarmot
    Posts: 80
    I was having some minor prostate issues, googled non-traditional treatments, went to the High Island Site and got a Helix. The first time I used it, it felt awfully good, and I remembered the last sentence in the instruction card that said that might happen. I went back to find out more and discovered this forum. The prostate issues passes within weeks, but Aneros became my learining wheels which opened erotic avenues to me which I never thought possible. It was serendipity at its best!
  • prostate issues.

    Googled "prostate health massage"

    Got this:
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I should know this one....
    I want to say that I was searching for masterbation techniques or maybe ways to last longer in bed or something along those lines, but honestly I don't fully remember what exactly I was searching for when I stumbled along the aneros site. What I do remember is reading the aneros homepage and then finding the forum and reading a bunch and realized by the energy in peoples posts, that the aneros was for real so didn't hesitate to order one.
    Very glad I did because beyond aneros use, it's changed the way I view and experience pleasure and orgasm.
  • Hi Guy's, I first saw the aneros in adam and eve, I thought that they were junk like alot of the other things they sell, [my opinion] so I didn't persue them. My wife bought this computer for me for Christmas, and I was looking into prostate massage and I found this site. I think that this site and their products and all the good people have been worth the price of this computer. Thank's Guy's :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Hi all,

    It might not have been clear, but my intention with this thread was simply to point out the new poll; I would love to see many of these comments posted in the poll thread rather than here so they will be easier to find later.

    So once again, here is the link for the poll where I encourage you to vote and continue adding your comments: