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"Funny" pulsation experience with the smaller Peri
  • How would you qualify the following experience from a tantric, Kama Sutra or any modern occidental sexual, physiological or prostatic point of view ? It doesn't look like the Big O, isn't it? Or a kind of ? Have you ever had any similar experience with the Peridise?

    Generally speaking, what kind of experience do you have with the Peridise?

    BTW, I do have all four Peridise and this happens only with the smaller one.

    So...I had the following experience a few times in the past few months with the smaller Peridise. It even happened a few times all by itself without it or any other sex toy:

    while lying on the back and fully rested after 15 - 20 min., if I can maintain a long and strong enough erection, it starts with a kind of faint "heart beat" sensation in the genitals (I suspect this to be located in the prostate). This faint "heart beat" sensation gradually becomes faster and faster and faster to finally become a superfast very faint pulsation or impulse while having a hard rock erection.... for almost 45-50 minutes (this is me record) while my penis seems to be hovering in the twilight zone. I don't feel it at all.

    Just that ! Lying there enjoying it without moving because if I do move, it slows down, no more erection and it disappears.

    The problem : it seems difficult to recreate this experience at will. It seems to be only "accidental" or "incidental". I'm still looking for the way to recreate it at will.... for longer periods.

    Any comment ? Or suggestion?

    P.S - I imagined that it would be great for the Peridise to be connected to a "self-lubricating" pure vegetable oil source so that it may flow in a frictionless environment. As in my car :-) because this superfast impulse of mine seems to be generating of lot of heat in the prostate region.

    A kind of probe at the top of the Peridise to measure the number of pulses/min that the prostate generates during this kind of experience would also be great. Does it exist ?
  • Are you talking about a pulsating prostate? Any pleasant feeling during this time? Are you doing any contractions?
  • Are you talking about a pulsating prostate? Any pleasant feeling during this time? Are you doing any contractions?

    1) Yes, I would call it a "pulsating prostate"... but this is pure speculation. What else, in the genitals, could be pulsating as a "heart beat" pulsating faster... and faster... and faster?

    2) Yes, it's a pleasant feeling... otherwise I would stop it right away. I do not feel any incomfort besides the fact that I try "not to move" in any way... otherwise this pulsation would stop. If I could, I would let it go for longer periods. I am not doing any contraction... otherwise this pulsation would also stop along with this "hard rock erection".

    3) I only do contractions in the first 10 - 20 minutes of resting. I stop doing contractions when this "heart beat" pulsation begins.

    Can you explain this "pulsating prostate" experience ?
  • We are talking about the same thing, a throbbing or 'heart beat' of the prostate.