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prograsm is too big
  • good morning it have all a small information how to change the prograsm is too big thank you for help
  • Hello a piece of information how to modify the prograsm he(it) is too big thank you for the help(assistant) :idea:
  • Hello Plantation,

    Don't think about modifying your Progasm. Better to wait a while before trying it again. I'm only 5 ft 4 in (1.63m) tall and have been using Aneros products for three of four years. I just recently got the Progasm and it looked so huge! But I relaxed and was amazed how it slipped in so easily and fit perfectly as if it were made to measure just for me. The P and K tabs landed exactly in the right place with just the right pressure.

    First I put the Progasm in the freezer. Then I coated it all over with coconut oil which becomes solid on the cold surface. This helps it to go in easily without wasting the oil.

    It is a wonderful experience, totally different from the Peridise that I use most frequently. The K-tab is awesome in helping the pleasure to flow up and around the microcosmic orbit.

    So don't be anxious to "go Pro". Take it easy with the smaller Aneros models and save your Progasm until you feel ready, something to look forward to. If you modify it then you will spoil it for later. After a while I'm sure you will accommodate it perfectly as I did.

    Best wishes,

  • ok thank you grandtiger is what maximus gives the meme that the prograsm? :?:
  • Hello Plantation. I think you are asking if the Maximus feels similar to the Progasm.

    I don't have a Maximus, so I don't know how different it feels.

    Previously I've tried MGX, SGX and Helix, but haven't used them for quite a while.

    I use the smaller Peridise almost exclusively as I can enjoy long extremely intense sessions with it.

    The Progasm feels totally different and I need to practice more with it. But I think I'll continue to use the Peridise most of the time and the Progasm only occasionally when I'm in the mood for it.

    Best wishes,

  • I recently received my progasm. One look at it, and I said "that'll never fit!" :shock:
    However, after I lubed it up good, and relaxed properly, it slipped right in.
    It works better than my helix for me. :wink: