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The Journey Continues
  • I know it may sound hackneyed but it is true, it is a journey with amazing experiences along the way. Several of the "Masters" on this site refer to it as a journey and I believe that they are right. I have been at this for about a year now and each session teaches me something else. I have found that experimentation is the key. If something doesn't work or even if it does work ...I have learned to be adventurous and try new things. I am discovering new things that are enhancing the experience. This morning bore this out.

    I enjoy my aneros sessions immensely ...especially the eupho and helix sessions. What I have found though (for me) is that the aneros sessions are enhancing my ability to have wonderful sessions with nothing in me. My ability to extract over the top super o's with nothing in me has been growing with each aneros session I have. Amazingly ... these blank sessions just seem to be getting better and better. This morning I discovered a new enhancement to the anerosless sessions that I have heard people talk about on Rummels CD and on these posts. Nipple stimulation. While it worked this morning with nothing in me I will be curious to see how it plays with an aneros in me.

    Here is how it played out today. Laying flat on my stomach with my left leg bent so that the inside of my thigh is resting on the bed ...I placed my penis on the soft down mattress topper in our bed. My penis was semi hard at the start of a session from porn and horneyness. I make sure to extend it fully and to have firm pressure of the underside of the corona against the matress. While lying still in this position I direct my mind to concentrate on a really sexy scenario and I focus on the feeling at the tip of my penis. Ususally within seconds the tingling at the tip of my penis begins, followed by tension building in my penile bulb. The tension in the bulb might twitch occassionally but if I really focus I can prevent the twitching. While the twitching is pleasant it releases energy which detracts from the build up to orgasm.

    Continuing to envision nasty fantasies the exquisite tension in my groin builds. It is concentrated in my anus (prostate) and the base of my penis behind my balls. It is exactly like the build up to to an ejaculation. Usually when I am at this point it can take any where from 15 minutes to an hour to work myself up to a super o; it takes an effort to relax and focus on the feelings to make it happen.

    This morning at 6 am (I have discovered that my best sessions are post - sleep early morning ... hormone levels are at peak then) I was at this launcing level in about ten minutes. As an experiment I decided to try some nipple play. I slid both hands under my chest and took hold of my nipples with the thumbs and forefingers from each hand. I pinched both nipples really hard. No massage, no letup ...just hard sustained pinching of the areolas. What happened next was amazing.
    It was like flooring the gas pedal on a muscle car with a turbo. It was like a switch just turned on and within 30 seconds I was headlong into an unbelieveable super o with wave after wave of dry pumping of my bulb, twitching of my penis and exquisite sensation throughout my groin, down my thighs, tingling in my feet and spasms along the full length of my anal canal. My anus was pulsing and twitching rapid fire. This went on for 3 or 4 minutes then it began to fade. I let up on the nipple pressure and let it subside for 2 minutes or so. I then reapplied the nipple clench and in seconds I was off again. This time it was a sustained O of about 5 minutes. Again it subsided after a while. I repeated the technique 5 to 10 times over the next hour and a half ... each time yielding the same instantaneous results. It was like an on - off switch to click on super orgasms that lasted between 3 - 10 minutes each with no ejaculation. It took no concentration on my part to bridge to the super O body just took over and took me there whether I wanted to go or not. It was just like the inevitability of an ejaculation. I have had super o's over the last few months after about 6 months of learning ....but this was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was amazing. I had alway fantasized about extended orgasm and this morning I achieved it. I had an orgasm that effectively lasted for an hour and a half with 2 minute respites between spasms. Unbeleieveable.

    Also worth noting. I need corona penis pressure on a soft surface, total relaxation and a clear mind focused on sexty thoughts to have a super o. Also my penis usually goes flaccid as soon as the orgasm starts. These orgasms usually produce copius precum. However, with the nipple pinching experiement this morning the first thing I noticed was that my penis got rock hard and there was virtually no precum. Just a roller coaster of ecstacy as dry spasms gripped my whole mid section, penis, thighs and anus. I could have gone another hour ...but I began to get fearful that all the intense pleasure was going to break something.

    Indeed ...what a journey.
  • Jiminy christmas! Are you saying that you did this WITHOUT the aneros? :shock:
  • Yes. Albeit hter first time I tried it 6 months ago I wasa t it for 4 hours ....feelings were getting better but I just couyldn't get over the top. Now it only takes a little while. I think it has to do with the arrangement of my insides.