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Sessions with arousal versus relaxation versus contracting..
  • View Poll Results: Under what conditions do you have Aneros sessions? Voters: 709

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    Do-Nothing approach with arousal (porn, erotic thoughts, mild self-touching..) 5 0.71%

    PC/anal/rectal contracting with arousal (porn, erotic thoughts, mild self-touching..) 4 0.56%

    Do-Nothing approach with relaxation 4 0.56%

    PC/anal/rectal contracting without arousal 1 0.14%

    Insert and Sleep 0 0%

    With masturbation 1 0.14%

    With sex 0 0%

    With concentration on other things (e.g. during work, during driving, during walking...) 0 0%

    With meditation (imagining your prostate, listening to CD...) 1 0.14%

    With meditation and PC/anal/rectal contracting 2 0.28%

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434

    I was just wondering what are the "conditions" under which you have your Aneros sessions?

    This poll was a bastard to edit - I couldn't. Also state whether you practiced deep breathing or not, whether you did mild thrusting or not, etc.
  • Hi Myturn-

    I do mediation with deep breathing and very light contractions after 20 minutes. I chose the last option on the poll. :wink: