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Super-O to nothing in 6 days.
  • So... Last week it happended. The Super-O. After about one month of failing at everything. Before the Super-O I will describe in a few paragraphs, I never had involentaries, never felt much while using them (helix and progasm), except for a serious stabbing pain-like feeling from the penerium-thingy on the helix...

    Long story short at the bottom of the post. Didn't think i'd write this much.

    However, thursday last week was different. I first had a small orgasm with the helix wednessday, or something. I remember I started to feel some build-up and tingelig in the whole body, but just as it started, someone slammed a door somewhere in the house and I lost my concentration. I was so... I don't know.. Maybe disappointed.. It's just murphy's law, I guess, but damn it!

    The next day I decided to try the progasm. I prepped, lubed and inserted. Every time I insert one of these I get an erection, and this time was no different. I usually just ignore it and try to relax with some porn on trying to get relaxed and in the mood.

    This session I decided to try two new things.

    First i inserted the progasm so that the p-tab hit the penerium? at a point closer to the rectum. Secondly i tried some different contractions.

    Basically it's a contraction that you do without the... what's it called... let's just call it "using your muscle that makes your penis hard/stand up"-muscle. So you do a contraction with your ass, I guess. While holding this contraction at a semi hard level, i decided to do a contraction on top of that using the "muscle that makes your penis hard/stand up". This made my penis jumpy all of a sudden. Like, shaky. It's vibrating.

    The entire session, this is all i focus on. More of the penis-shaking. Then suddenly i felt something that could have been an orgasm. I wasn't sure right then, but it was. Then another one. Then another one. And probably a few more. Then the Super-O started. Or braingasm I'd rather call it, because that's what it felt like. Like something in my brain exploded. It felt like I was sinking into the bed, while my head was spinning like I'm on some ride at a amusement park. It was like spinning downwards while sinking through the bed. I didn't feel my ass or penis anymore, but I could feel precum in a steady stream landing on the lower part of my stomach. After a while I could feel my ass again, and how tightly it was gripping the Progasm. I concentrated on the great feelings I was having and it started again. With the sinking and spinning. I could only feel this when my eyes was closed. If i opened my eyes, I still felt great, but no spinning.

    Then after a touch-and-go, suddenly it felt like I was spinning both ways at the same time. This was wierd. Good, but wierd. It made me kind of distracted. I was getting off the ride. Slowly.. Gently.. I had another orgasm after this and then I decided to use the good old hand and go to sleep.

    Oh and by the way, that day was my birthday. Maybe that was my present from some higher power. :D

    The next day I felt awesome at work. Tingeling sensations in all my bodyparts, and generally more in tune with the world. At night I tried again. Mini-O's and orgasms started almost at once. Didn't get a Super-O, like the one before, but I did get into a state where I could feel precum oozing out. Great session with quite a few orgasms. Mini, normal, and one large.

    The day after I went out drinking so no session.

    Sunday. I had another session and this was pretty good aswell. Did have a large orgasm that made my abs go all tight, and several small.

    Monday. I did feel small penis-vibrating things, but i had a small mishap with some water left in the anus after cleaning that kind of made the bed wet, so i figured this was a session breaker. Masturbated normally with the progasm in and had a nice orgasm wich almost made me shoot sperm in my eye. Good thing I had my glasses on. :P

    Tuesday. Didn't feel much. However I did try moving the progasm into different positions. However just as i was feeling something, it stopped. Didn't hammer them with a large contraction either. All I did was try to hold on to the contraction that made the feeling happen, but it didn't work. Nothing worked. Tried different positions, tried moving the progasm up, down, left and right.
    I used my hand to finish off and had a good orgasm.
    I couldn't sleep and maybe an hour later i tried the helix with little success, so i masturbated like the fist of the north star to get a second orgasm. And i did get it, but the ones where i have to masturbate so hard that i can feel my arm going numb arent that great... Puts me out like a light though.

    Why isn't anything working anymore? Just when i thought i had something that worked, i have to start from scratch? Does anyone have any ideas?

    This is so frustrating i'm out of words. I was all irritable and stuff at work today, but i was alone in the office so nobody minded. :P

    Long story short,
    Got my first super-o, then sessions got worse and worse to a point where I can't feel anything anymore. Just like when i first inserted it on day one.

    I need some advice at this point.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    I have had to take a break from the Aneros for so many different reasons, mostly time (I have none), and other focuses in my life ( ), so I hopefully will get back to Aneros "tryouts" soon. But one things for sure:

    I would love to have had a Super-O. It would make it seem more attainable again.

    I'm sure that once you have had one, you are "rewired" enough (or on the path) to begin to have more, even if it's a bit hit-and-miss inbetween.

    Don't lose faith. Imagine if you had NEVER had one. I'm where you were BEFORE the Super-O. Remember THAT stage? Yes. You are not starting from scratch. If anything, you WANT to backtrack, and recreate what you did last time. If not, there'll be another way to induce the pleasure, probably.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Wednesday - mini & dry-O’s, Thursday (Birthday) - Super-O, Friday - mini & dry-O’s, Saturday – out drinking, Sunday – dry-O, Monday – Super-T, Tuesday – Super-T then second masturbatory orgasm.
    If I am correct with this chronology, it seems to me you are desensitizing your prostate due to over use of your Aneros massagers. I would first suggest you give yourself 2-3 days off between sessions to allow your prostate time to re-charge its energy.
    Arousal is key for the Super-O to occur, frequent ejaculations may be dampening your arousal buildup, perhaps waiting until after you have completed an Aneros session to masturbate to ejaculation might help. Remember your Aneros massager is more an arousal amplifier than it is an arousal generator. The higher your level of excitement upon starting a session, the more successful that session will likely be.
    You are actually fortunate to achieve a Super-O after only one month of use, only a little over 1/3 of men do so, and about 1/4 of men take over a year to do so. See HOW LONG BEFORE YOUR FIRST SUPER O?.
    I think, if you just give your body a bit more rest between sessions, you will readily return to the Super-O experience.
  • Hmmm. You may be on to something there, rumel. One would think the prostate was getting tired. But the wierd thing is that i had been using my aneros all week, that week, actually. And masturbated earlier the day i got the super-o. Also, I wouldn't call monday and tuesday super-t's. Maybe i formulated myself poorly in my first post.

    And I guess I am fortunate to achieve the super-o in a month, but it's not the first thing i stick up my butt. Maybe that's why, hehe.

    I'll try to control the frequency a bit. It's hard to do though.. :S

  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    I will have to agree with Rumel. I have found that I must take breaks in between sessions and then once a month or so I go through this cycle where my energy levels are low. During those times I have found that I might as well forget it and wait 4-5 days before trying again. No matter how hard I try during those times, it just doesn't work, so I know now to lay off until it passes. Hope that helps.
  • Yes, it does help, thanks. I was beginning to think I burned a mental fuse or something. Maybe that is what has happened. The body needs to get back on it's feet again.
  • Omg.

    I couldn't help myself and had a session. I thought, if I don't feel anything now, I'll wait until sunday or something.

    Let's just say that i did and I started 22pm, and it's now 1:20am. It was probably a 7 out of 10 possible if I had to give it a score. Somewhere between my best session and second best. That good. Not much leaking this time. Some,but it had dried at the end of the session. Tried a bunch of positions, all good. Tried the helix at the end, and had my first involentaries I think. Not just penis quivering like I've previously had with the Progasm. I could actually feel the helix massaging. It was awesome.

    I'll take you up on your advice now and let myself rest for a few days. Feels like i need a few days to be honest. :)