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My first p-gasm
  • :D Been a lurker here for a month or two after finding this site and decided to try one of the products. I am 47 yrs old and happily married. Very sexually active, but curious. Got my Progasm a week ago and all I can say is this thing is utterly amazing! Have experimented with the wife's vibs and toys in the past so anal play is nothing new. Penetration with the toys was fun, but really didn't do much in the way of better climaxes. After using the Progasm I found out what works for me after the fourth time. No distractions, concentration, lots of lube and a positive mind set. After about 20 minutes into a session I was getting disappointed like the previous ones. Felt good, but no fireworks. Thought I would keep it up for a while longer and low and behold I was feeling something. Kind of like shivering from a cold chill. First my legs started to tremble and it worked its way up through my whole body. I started breathing uncontrollably and spasming a good bit. One would subside and another start in the next few minutes. Counted about five or six. Must have been mini - O's. Never felt anything like it. Penis is limp the whole time, but oozing pre cum. My abs were contracting like I was doing crunches and I had no control over it. Felt scary at first and then I realized this is like a high I never experienced before. After removing the Progasm I waited a while and started mastrubating normally. As I was reaching climax my body went into autopilot and I couldn't control a thing! The feeling was compounding and I was moaning uncontrollably. My legs got so weak I couldn't stand anymore. I was convulsing like having a siezure or something. After orgasming like this I was totally spent and couldn't move for a good 15 minutes. I was asking myself what the hell just happened? What a euphoric feeling! This thing rocks in a big way.
  • jazzjazz
    Posts: 3
    I experenced the same thing with my helix. My legs where out of control. Thought I would break the bed, It was shaking so hard. Just ordered the progasm, hope it works as well!