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Brand New MGX and My First Experience
  • Hi all,

    I have read with great interest lots of the experiences on this forum. After reading many of them this morning, I decided today I had to have an Aneros. I have tried many anal toys before, but nothing so "scientific" as this! So, I high-tailed it downtown, found the MGX, and raced back home to give it a try.

    My experience - first I lubed up and inserted. After that I just relaxed as per the instructions, and slowly breathed. About 20 - 30 minutes went by, with nothing much happening other than my initiating my contractions on it. No penile stimulation at all, either, btw.

    Finally I started to feel a rather intense pleasure when I moved slightly downward while laying on my back. I pushed my butt down while arching my back a bit, in a kind of gentle reverse-thrust. VERY pleasurable!! I continued this and soon I was starting to sweat and an erection was forming as well. While I don't know if what I was experiencing was a "super-O", I do know that this intense pleasure was more like riding a wave of pleasure rather than an intense burst. I kept this up for probably 15 - 20 minutes before finally caving in and stimulating my penis to a traditional, very nice orgasm. I think I could have gone on longer but I don't have the stamina yet!

    I'm really looking forward to more experimentation with it, although I couldn't be more pleased with my first experience. It can only get better from here!!! :D

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    beevee said:

    It can only get better from here!!! :D

    That line says it all. Did you experience a Super O? Not a full one but certainly the beginning of one. What a "first time" out!

    Congratulations and have a pleasant trip.