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Anyone else have this experience?
  • I just got my MGX yesterday and used it for the first time this morning. I prepped and lubed like the instructions said. I laid on my stomach, one leg bent and relaxed. I wasn't expecting anything to happen right away, as I understander there is a "learning curve" and just relaxed. Then I started "flexing" and within minutes I was jerking and bucking like I was having a seizure. Is it common to feel this so soon?
  • BusterBuster
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    Then I started "flexing" and within minutes I was jerking and bucking like I was having a seizure. Is it common to feel this so soon?

    Consider yourself lucky reddog, I don't believe that it is common for a guy to feel this so soon, but many have wished for it. The body is a funny thing and deals with these new sensations in some pretty strange ways.
  • I tried my MGX again tonight, thinking that this morning was a fluke. It wasn't. I'd seen vids of guys using the Aneros and thought they were faking. I was so wrong. I don't see how anyone can use it for more that 30 minutes. After about 20 minutes and, I guess 5 "mini O's" I was so exhausted I had to stop. I'm wondering, though, is it common not to have an erection? I'm leaking like a faucet, but limp as a noodle.
  • artformartform
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    Welcome and congratulations reddog_e350!

    As Buster says it is not common to go so far so soon, and you may have ups and downs and dry spells along the way on your journey, but your body and your mind are clearly ready for this!!

    Limp noodle is good and right on target too. Your body has immediately separated orgasm from ejaculation; prostate-centred response from penis-centred response. More congratulations!!!

    all the best as your journey

  • Thanks for your replies Artform and Buster. I am encouraged by your responses.
  • Hey everyone. Just got my stuff the other day and gave it a try for the first time today. No luck though. I had moments of feeling, but A. it was really uncomfty (I gotta get use to it, and B. I don't think I used nearly enough lube, or didn't lub far enough in, C. I was nervous as hell, and D. my roomate came home, cutting my session off early. So I'm not discouraged or upset, at least I got it in, thats a big step as far as I'm concerned. And I am well aware, chances are, I won't be as successfull as you on my 2nd or even 10th+ try.

    But I do have a few quick questions as your new to all this and have had success.

    1. How long did you wait before you started to flex
    2. How comfty were you
    3. How relaxed were you
    4. What position were you in (back, side, standing, ect)
    5. How much lube did you apply?

    Any answers you could chuck my way would be very appriaciated, and if anyone else wants to throw in their two cents I'll give you a cyber hug!

    PS- Super congrats! :P
  • WOW!!! Congratulations Reddog! I'm glad you're a believer. It's hard to believe when you see the videos, but when you can experience it for yourself then you finally understand what that video is all about! :)

    I do have 2 questions though if you don't mind me asking.

    1.) How old are you?

    2.) How much anal experience do you have (Sex toys, finger, etc...)?

    That's about it. I'm so elated to hear about your experiences so soon!

    Take Care,

    ArcticWolves 8)
  • Smootiiesman - i waited about 30 mins before flexing, the MGX was very comfortable, more that the small butt plugs i've tried, I was very relaxed (glass of wine, a beer and 4 valerian caps), lying on my stomach with my leg bent was best and most intense, and i used one full lube shooter which is about 5ml. I tried vaseline and it didn't work so i relubed with a water based lube.

    Articwolves - i'm 37 and have limited anal experience. I've tried more adventurous anal play but it just felt like i had to take a dump and was not enjoyable.

    Hope this answers your questions. Ask more if you like.

  • Hi reddog,

    Glad to hear you're having success! I too had almost immediate success; you can read the details in my recent thread elsewhere in this forum.

    Something I noticed is that by consciously trying to control and limit the jerks and bucks, I saved that energy and somehow redirected it internally to both build the pleasurable feelings and induce some involuntary contractions. Try to keep your focus on the feelings deep inside, and not so much on the external manifestation of all that great energy trying to get your attention.

    Smoothiesman — More lube can definitely be helpful. In my first couple of tries I didn't pre-lube, and I had some similar discomforts. Also depending how long your session lasts you might benefit from pausing to re-lube. I gather it doesn't help to use lots and lots of lube, as very little of it will remain where it needs to be (a lot of lube is lost just from insertion, for example) but a modest amount of pre-lube and the occasional re-lube has helped me. The type of lube also probably makes a difference, but I haven't experimented enough with this yet to offer any suggestions.

    Keep at it... it's well worth the effort. :-)
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hey reddog and Robby

    Just a suggestion that you each consider starting your own personal blogs here at Aneros. My guess is that many will benefit from the details of your journeys as you continue to describe them. Your early posts here could be copied as the first posts in your blogs. They would make an excellent start.

    all the best to you both as your energies journeys progress

  • Thanks for the suggestion, artform. I went ahead and did so.