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  • Had a rather interesting experience this morning… I was kicked back in my recliner (fully clothed and Anerosless) laptop on lap, listening to the Hypnaerosession MP3 through the laptop’s speakers. The front edge of my laptop (where the speakers are located) just happened to be resting on my pubic bone, and as Alana spoke the vibrations from her voice were transmitted through the laptop’s frame into my pubic bone. Don’t ya just love serendipity? Very exciting and very erotic, I must say. :D

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    While that method of listening to “HypnAerosession” was not my intentional path, it does make sense. Sound wave vibrations actually travel further and better through a liquid medium than through air (whale calls can be heard quite far from the source, more than 50km), some deaf people are able to ‘hear’ music via the vibrations of transducers. Some women have been known to play music to their unborn babies in the womb. There are multiple pathways available for the body to receive vibrations from the surrounding environment, if listening to the CD that way works for you then I think that’s great. Enjoyment is the intent, by whatever path you choose.

    In answer to your question, “Don’t ya just love serendipity?“ , Yes I do!