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My introduction and my take on how things worked for me....
  • Hi all, I'm Steve and hail from sunny England.

    I'm 27, straight, good looking and have "limited" experience with (male) anal play, the prostate and most other things tied to it. In pretty much all respects I'm just an average guy who isn't afraid to push my own boundaries in an ever ongoing quest to know myself inside and out!

    Not entirely too sure how I found out about the Aneros... think it was just general bored online surfing... anyways I spotted it, did some research and decided to invest in a MGX. The whole prostate thing has always fascinated me....

    I joined the forum and thought I'd wait til my MGX arrived and I had something of substance to post.

    So it arrived and tried my first session, unsure what would happen and really what to expect.

    I had a warm bath and gave myself a bit of a clean as I was unsure how clean I was down there... think the soap was a bit strong as the second I even went a bit internal, my butt felt kinda warm.

    So scrubbed and ready to go I set the bed out, closed the curtains and prepared myself for the revolution....

    I lubed the MGX and my butt externally and inserted the device, it slipped in easy but didn't feel quite right due to the irritation from the soap. None the less it was painless and comfortable.

    I got comfortable on my back, but I will admit I didn't do the breathing or relaxing stuff and just dived in energetically to the clenching.

    It felt good but didn't have the fireworks I was expecting.

    I moved onto all four and something twinged... I started to get hard and I could feel the blood going to my head, all with a bizarre "fuzzy" feeling... like when you are bunged up with a cold and you feel like your head is filled with cotton wool.

    All was great for a bit but all the sensation was being caused by my deliberate, hard clenching, so the second I stopped, yep you got it.... it went.

    I tried for a bit longer on my back to no avail and decided to finish off by other means :wink:

    Overall OK but not the ground breaking experience I was expecting.

    So it came to tonight and I tried again....

    Got everything ready as before (without the soap lol), this time though with my Ipod on the ready.

    I lubed internally and externally, slipped the MGX in and it felt better already... the internal lube definitely makes the Aneros feel more like it's part of your own body, rather than a bit of plastic you have just shoved up your butt!

    I then dimmed the lights, laid on the bed, put my Ipod onto a "Chilled out" album and just laid there concentrating on my breathing. Deep breaths in, holding it for 4-5secs, then exhaling slowly.

    Once I felt adequately chilled I clenched really gently.... and I mean really gently.... the slightest squeeze then relax, the slightest squeeze then relax again. All whilst concentrating on my breathing and making sure I kept a baseline of movement going.

    I then clenched harder.... when I say this I don't mean like I was holding a $100 bill in my butt hole and I was trying to stop someone taking it.... just more of a deeper clench... still very very slow though...

    Then something felt really different... almost like that weird feeling when you hit your funny bone, but a whole lot more pleasant!!!

    I kept with the slow deep clenching and the feeling became more intense and I could feel the P bar thing putting pressure between my ass and my balls.... I carried on and the feeling kept building, slowly but surely and it seemed almost less effort to pull so deep to get the sensation.

    I then (I don't know why!??) clenched my PC muscle (the one you use to hold your pee in) at the same time as my "deep" clenches.....

    BANG!!!!!!!!! The sensation exploded in my body... my heart started to race with each clench... I started to feel sweaty on my face and the whole "fuzzy" feeling from the first session cam back with a vengeance!

    Within minutes my body started to shake, my legs were twitching and I could feel my muscles in my groin area seem to go into a crazy spasming frenzy.

    I instinctively pushed my lower back onto the bed and..... BANG!!!!! Everything I was feeling was heightened even more!!!

    I kept with it for what seems like an eternity, keeping tabs on my breathing (which was hard as I kept holding it lol) and it was awesome.

    The only way I can describe it is the feeling the very split second you come.... just without the let down of actually coming and the refectory (think that's what it's called lol) period where you just want to go to sleep :wink:

    The feeling started to fade and I enjoyed the giddy come down... whilst keeping some clenching going obviously, I mean if I could keep my state near there I was going to damn well do it!!

    I got close a few more times but not as good as the first.

    Rather than frustrate myself I opted to cut my losses and be thankful for what I'd already achieved and called it a day. Whats the point in frustrating myself????

    All in all I think I've made a fair start in my "Prostate awakening" and am more than happy with what I've achieved so far.

    I guess my own top tips and signs are......

    1. Make sure you don't use harsh soap!!!!!!!!!

    2. Make sure you lube internally and externally

    3. Relaxation is key to the whole experience... the Aneros NEEDS to be "forgotten" inside you before you start. Why??? So you can start to pick up on all the minute sensations it causes.... if you miss one, you could have missed a road sign, maybe even the only road sign available at that time, to take you on the rest of your journey to the elusive "Super O"!!!

    4. To me hitting my Prostate felt like (again bare with me) hitting my funny bone but alot, and I mean a whole lot nicer!!!! Yours might feel different but look out for something that feels out of the ordinary.

    5. Don't bang at it, slower seems to work a whole lot better than going straight for goal.... even as it all gets going feel out what your body wants.... I made myself take a few steps back by urging sensation rather than enjoying sensation!

    6. If it feels like time to quit then do it! The amount of time I've been banging women and I just know I'm not going to come.... the more you try the harder it gets.... the same seems to be true here.... cut your losses and promise her (your Aneros) it's not going to happen right now, but you had a good time anyway and you are looking forward to your next session!

    I hope if not anything else, you've enjoyed the read and I really look forward getting to know you all on here and answering any questions you might have!

    Take care and thanks for reading

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    Welcome and Congratulations! Seems that you've been fortunate enough to experience a great deal in a short period of time. Join us for the chat this weekend and there will be a lot to share.
  • I wouldn't say fortunate or lucky.... just dedicated to getting the most out of the situation.

    Roll on next time and please, if anyone has any questions about absolutely anything, I will do my best to help you out and describe things the best I can.


  • BusterBuster
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    [quote=Cheeky Gambit]I wouldn't say fortunate or lucky.... just dedicated to getting the most out of the situation.

    I would say that you are fortunate and lucky. There have been guys here that been extremely dedicated to their sessions only to have them take months and months to get to the level that you did in such a short time.

    Congratulations on your rapid progress.
  • I congratulate you also. It took me 6 months of every other week to get somewhere. Just a note ....we all need to keep in mind that as different as we all are as people that is how differently these things work in us. I find that I can be erect and hard as steel . . . all I have to do is insert one of my little friends and start getting a good feeling and poof my erection dissappears.
    then , pressure of my penis against a soft bed or pillow bed or very slight penile stimulation will bring on a super o in minutes. I cannot maintain an erection as the waves go over me and it is virtually impossible for me to ejaculate while i am soft regardless of whether I touch myself or just don't happen. This is turn has paved the way for wonderful peridise sessions and aneros less sessions.