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Prostate is for seminal ejac, not orgasm? / ejac ends org?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434

    Just a quick question. OK, two.

    I forget the URL, but I read that an orgasm is the body's contracting and whatnot, but the ejaculation is the prostate pumping semen out. So wouldn't this suggest that a prostate orgasm should not produce dry O's? The site seemed to suggest that the prostate produces the ejaculation. It didn't highlight the prostate's role in ORGASM. So what IS a prostate orgasm?: Is it just an ejaculatory feeling that men feel is similar to an orgasm (penile)? Maybe the site was wrong???

    2) I know that an ejaculation ends the male body's ability to orgam, but - does ejaculation tamper off/kill/end an orgasm and make it wet, refractory-inducing, shorter, etc?

    [as an aside: Does female ejaculation have the same effect on them? Do they feel satiated after their ejac, compared with their orgasms?]

  • Interesting questions....that I have no idea the answer to. Hopefully another forum member has a better idea.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    The prostate's role in orgasm is more a function of the network of nerves that supply it than the gland itself. The neural bundle that is responsible for arousal and orgasm passes directly across and is adhered to the surface of the prostate. So in this sense it is not the gland itself that produces orgasm, it is the nerves. When the Aneros is in use it stimulates these nerves that reside on the surface of the gland.

    With respect to ejaculation, generally it is the stimulation of the pudendal and cavernous nerves in the penis (that ultimately trace back over the surface of the prostate) that leads to that which we recognize as a traditional (wet) orgasm. There are a series of events that comprise an ejaculation, the contraction within the prostate is but one of them. As you may know there are other glands involved as well, principally the Seminal Vesicles and Cowpers glands. Rhythmic contractions of these glands as well as the muscles surrounding the urethra produce ejaculation. In sum, it occurs as a result of a series of coordinated muscular and neurological events. Events that end with the dreaded refractory period.

    Subtle stimulation of the prostate alone (again, the nerves on the exterior of the prostate) produce an orgasm without the collection of glandular and urethra contractions. Of course there are some glandular secretions possible, namely from the Cowpers glands, before and after a non-ejaculatory orgasm. But this activity is not of the scale seen in an ejaculation.

    Female ejaculation is another matter entirely as many women report that they are able to ejaculate ("squirt") without any orgasm. It should be noted that in some cases, what we've witnessed in these pyrotechnic displays on video, is more likely a result of milking (the filling of the spongy tissue in around the paraurethral glands, which is then digitally expressed) than an involuntary contraction in response to stimulation.

    BF Mayfield
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Guys

    Thanks BF for your clear discussion of the nerve bundle focus of the "prostate" dry orgasms. There is a lot going on down there in all of us and tracking who's where when can be a real challenge at times.

    Regarding female ejaculation, I'm inclined to agree that some of the vigourous "squirting" is more likely milking, but our experiences with mrs. a's ejaculations are fulsome flows rather than squirts and involve no "pumping" by either my fingers or my penis as the trigger. Very slow, exceedingly delicate carressing fingers or thumb, or my still penis gently pulsing energies to her engorging tissues are the usual suspects. Mrs. a announces sensing the launch of the impending involuntary contraction(s) and I too can feel them in her. ...the flowing waters of the goddess...

    Ahhhh.... ....

  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ALL!

    I think Brian's post above should be "required reading" for everyone in
    this Forum! It is soooo excellent!

    It is one of the simplest, yet complete, explanations of what causes or sets-off
    a prostate orgasm that I have read yet! This could cause a "light bulb moment"
    in anyone . . .

    What can I say Artform??? You are a Lucky Man!

    Later ALL!