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PM's - Private Messages
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)
    Guys (Gals too),

    During the Chat Event this past weekend the question of what is a PM ? and how does one create/retrieve it ? arose. A PM is an acronym for Private Message. This Forum is set up to allow users to PM between members. There are a few basic rules, Only registered members are allowed to send/receive PM’s and you must be logged on to send/receive PM’s.
    At the upper left corner of the Forum page, just below the Tabbed menu bar and to the right of User Control Panel is the button for accessing your Message Center, once you get there you will see four buttons – “Inbox” = PM’s you have received, “Sentbox” = PM’s received by others from you, “Outbox” = PM’s waiting for the recipient to pick-up, “Savebox” = Incoming or Outgoing PM’s you choose to save.
    Note: Outgoing PM’s stay in your “Outbox” until your recipient opens them, then they move to the “Sentbox” folder.
    You have a couple of options for being informed about your PM’s. In your User Control Panel, under “YOUR PREFERENCES”, you have two “YES/NO” questions regarding PM’s – If you choose YES to "NOTIFY ON NEW PRIVATE MESSAGE: ” you will get an email notification from that it is awaiting your pick-up. If you choose YES to “POP UP WINDOW ON NEW PRIVATE MESSAGE: ” then, when you are logged in, a Pop-up window will inform you of any new messages received. If you choose NO to both of those you will need to monitor your Message Center manually. I hope that clears up any confusion and helps you all make fuller use of this Forum's capabilities.

    Thanks 'ohmy06' for catching my mistake.
  • Edit
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    Rumel - Thanks for the post on the PM's I think many people are unaware the option exists. Just to clarify for those that might be looking for it I think you meant to say in the upper left corner instead of right.

    I think I was a member here for several months to a year before I happened on the service. It's a great way to have some one on one conversations or provide some individualized support. Thanks again!
  • Even though I've been using the Private Message service for a long time, I still tend to read "PM" as Prostate Massage :lol:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Of course you are correct (especially on this Forum) for associating PM with Prostate Massage and isn’t it interesting that PM could also be interpreted to mean Punany Massage?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    PM'ing is great whatever it stands for. It is a great way to keep in touch and make this whole thing a bit more personal.
  • weird, urban dictionary says that "punany" is from india.

    I believe the indian word for pussy is actually "yani" or something like that

    Punani is from Hawaii. It's from the word puanani meaning beautiful flower. People say punani over there all the time refering to a vagina, in fact I'd say that's their most used word for the female genitalia