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*Prostate health effect
  • View Poll Results: Positive or Negative effect on prostatitis Voters: 714

    You may not vote on this poll

    My prostate was enlarged, but shrank some 2 0.28%

    My PSA went down after this therapy 1 0.14%

    No change at all in size, PSA, no other effects 4 0.56%

    My PSA went up, or other negative effects 0 0%

    My urination problems were reduced 15 2.10%

    My urination problems were increased 0 0%

    I had none of these problems, I use Aneros massage to masturbate 22 3.08%

  • I've read mostly positive information concerning prostate massage and it's positive effects.
    I have however, read some warnings against.
    Does anyone have experiences with the effects of massage on the health of the prostate, specifically for those of us who have BPH or prostatitis?
    One major thing I deal with is urinary problems in the middle of the night, and leakage right after I take a leak and walk away.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Good poll bluegrass501!

    With chronic BPH, and an earlier history of prostatitis, I was really looking for relief and I have found it with my Aneros! My urination problems were reduced and get reduced regularly! Clear those pipes! Thanks to High Island Health!

  • anal funanal fun
    Posts: 51
    I just voted in the poll about health benefits to the prostate.Although I had no health problems before using the aneros for the first time and I use the MGX and Progasm mainly for the out of this world pleasure that I receive from them,but after over two years of using the aneros products the most noticeable benefit that I have noticed to my prostate is the incredible force that I can urinate at.With my forskin pulled back I can project my urine over ten feet,which is several feet more than I could before using the aneros for the first time.I think this shows how powerful the aneros is,both to sexual pleasure and prostate health.
  • LivingLargeLivingLarge
    Posts: 17
    I came here because a doctor I went to massaged my prostate due to BPH. I immediately felt better but only for a few days and then I had to go back. Though I am not cured of BPH my symtoms have all but dissappeared with regular use. I use Aneros every 2 or 3 days. I NEVER have to get up in the night to take a pee any more. I began having super o's after 17 months and the rest is history for me. I am thrilled and my wife is thrilled for me also. What a pleasurable fix for a problem that would have put me on medication with all kinds of side effects. Signed: I P. Freely