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Deep Thruster Good Idea?
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Hey Guys,

    I bought one of these for the wife as a gift: but before giving it to her I couldn't help but check it out myself. :oops: :shock: :D

    Let me just say that YES it was really good. I used a condom and lots of lube. However I will say that the whole time I was worried about perforation of the lining of my rectum / colon. I don't know if that worry was justified or not. What do you think? Is this a concern, or very unlikely. Basically the end of the thing only moves about 1 inch up and down and toward the end the shaft of beads rotates, but they are embedded within the dildo and also then covered with the condom. I was worried at the time that it was going to drill into my colon, or the part of the rotation would cut the inside of me as it rotated. However there was never any discomfort really, and there was never any blood. It appears all is well. But still, those of you with more experience in these things I'd really appreciate your input and recommendations. Thanks! Hope everyone is well and having a great New Year so far!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    To be totally honest the prospect of such a device in my rectum is scary. Just the size of it would bother me. My main concern though is the amount of thrust travel distance, 1” is quite a large displacement. If that were directed right at your prostate, seminal vesicles and ampulla of vas deferens, I would be fearful of tearing something loose. I know the rectum is a large very flexible tube that can easily accommodate such a device along its primary axis, but angular deviations, I would have some major concerns about. Having experienced my own injury from a “too vigorous” prostate massage in the past, I would like everyone to please be extremely gentle with yourselves in this respect. The Aneros, hands free, massagers are really the safest and most gentle devices you could use for this purpose. Have fun, but please play safe and use EXTREME CAUTION with it!
  • that thing looks scary to me too!

    I hope your wife doesn't get an infection
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260

    that thing looks scary to me too!

    I hope your wife doesn't get an infection

    Nah like I say I used a condom on it, and then I also cleaned it thoroughly with soap and water. I was thinking of using alchohol too...but probably not necessary.

    Ok, so far you guys are saying scary...understandable. We'll see what others opinions are too. But I agree caution is best advice. I don't know if I can do this without worry even though believe me it was nice.

    Rumel, I just checked the ad, and apparently the thrusting is only 1/2 inch. I also mostly used it on the slowest setting.