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  • Hi all, new guy here, but at 66 years old (and retired) I’m far from new to this world. I stumbled across the Aneros prostate stimulator a couple of weeks back while Googling sex toys for the wife and me. (Our lovemaking was getting a little stale and I was looking for a way to spice it up). Anyway, the Aneros really tweaked my interest so I went ahead and ordered up the Helix model.

    Within minutes of its arrival I had it unwrapped and in my rear. (I’m not quite a novice when it comes to butt play). The first few test drives were rather unimpressive and I was beginning to think I had just thrown away the better part of 100 bux. Then I started hitting the Wiki and the forums pretty hard in order to find out where I was going wrong. (Big item…I was not adequately arousing myself prior to the test drives). I took care of the arousal problem and now it’s all good….in fact maybe it’s too good because I can’t keep the Helix out of my butt. I just love the way it feels inside of me and the sensations it gives me. If some day in the future I do achieve the “Super-O” it’ll just be icing on an already delicious cake.

  • PhilSPhilS
    Posts: 32
    Welcome, Slippery. I am glad to see you here since I have a few years on you and we are few in number among the young guys. I too came to Aneros searching for a sex toy for my wife and me. I now own a Helix and an Progasm. I, like you, enjoy them immensely. I do not know if I have achieved a "super O" nor do I care. I like what I have and continue to use it. The gentle, non aggressive approach is just my way. I have lived long enough trying to push ahead. Now I enjoy what life brings, and Aneros brings me and my wife a lot. Good luck to you and your sexual pilgrimage. Congratulations for being confident enough to try this at "our" age.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    Hey, at 53, you guys make me feel really young!!!

    Keep up the positive attitude, guys -- good going!