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Lube questions from a Newbie
  • Hello! I am glad to be part of this community and hope to share all my experiences with all of you.

    I just received my new MGX and Prograsm: I have try the MGX 3 times and it has been great experience but I have noticed some discomfort after some hours.( some colitis symptoms: noises, swelling and a general discomfort on my pelvis area)

    I use 5mm of Wet and some KY on the Aneros. Could some one please tell me if this kind of lubricants causes some irritation to the colon causing some side-effects?????? It is Wet safe????

    Hope to hear from you,,,,,Thank you!!!!!

    Best Regards from Mexico


    Sorry for my bad English
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello Ale,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forum. :)
    No worries about your English. You did just fine.

    There are two things that come to mind. Sometimes Aneros usage stimulates your body to move your bowels, so if you are not immediately removing your Aneros to do so, you will feel uncomfortable. But also if you are gassy, it can prevent you from releasing the gas during a Aneros session which after a while of building up can make you feel uncomfortable. So at that point it's time to remove it and sit on the toilet. Generally, the rule of thumb is to not have an Aneros session when you are really gassy. Besides, if you are feeling any discomfort at any point during a session, you should immediately stop and remove the Aneros. Although, I have had sessions, where I stopped to move my bowels in the middle of a session, showered, and continued with no problems.

    Please read the following link in the Aneros WIKI under "Types of Lubricants".

    From the above link:
    ...glycerin may have a purgative effect with some individuals inducing peristalsis and cramping.

    If you are using Wet original, or Wet Light. These are both water soluble glycerin based lubricants. My personal experience from using Astroglide, which also is glycerin based, is that it caused a purging effect on me that was uncomfortable, and sometimes caused me to run to the toilet before even starting the session.

    If I may make a suggestion...
    I highly recommend that you try unrefined 100% shea butter. It is a natural product, with no refined chemicals in it. I have been using the refined type(this is before I knew better), but will be switching to unrefined within the next two weeks. I get absolutely no bowel discomfort or irritation from this. And it provides superior lubrication compared to the lubes you are using and lasts much, much longer with no re-application needed. See the following links.

  • Thak you Love_is!!!!!

    I am glad you can help...Muchas gracias