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Orgasm on deman at any time within seconds
  • Hi all,

    Here is something kinda new for me. Ive only recently mastered it. I appear to be able to make myself orgasm within 1 second whenever i want, usually lasting only 3-10 seconds but i can seem to "hold" it for longer. Its difficult to describe. It appears to be a combination on mental and physical practice. I mentally tell myself to orgasm while at the same time slighlty tense part of my body. Im not quite sure what part of the body it is, certain to some extent the abdomin area then possibly the chest and back.

    I feel as though i first did this during aneros use and now that i know how to intitiate it i no longer need the aneros to do it. They arnt super Os but certainly mini Os and feel great! Mastering this seems to be like learning to ride a bike, you cant do it and then suddenly you know exactly how to do it every time without fail.
  • Jesus, ok, what is your next trick...walking on water?
    Just kidding. Sounds fantastical. Is thru KSMO practice too? Please describe further.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi ET!

    I'm with Bishop here . . .

    Please explain further on the method; especially the physical part!

    Exactly what area are you tensing??? (Is it like tensing a PC muscle or what?)

    Sounds great tho!

    Later, Hlaser99