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K tab question
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    I own a Helix, Eupho and a Progasm. I get excellent results with both the Helix & Eupho but its real hit and miss with the Progasm. Stangely enough, my two best Super O's have been with the Progasm but I've had a lot of sessions without much success at all. I have given some consideration to removing the K tab as suggested by Evil Zombie in one of his posts but I haven't gotten around to it. This last weekends session is making me rethink that whole idea. The wife and kid went out of town for a day so I had some rare alone time. I started my session with a hot shower and the normal cleanse & lube. First I inserted my Helix and was off to several awesome Super Os for the next hour or so. Then I decided to try the Progasm. It was different this time. Usually it takes a while to insert it and it usually is uncomfortable. This time my asshole just sucked it in and it felt really good. I laid down on the bed and the involuntary contractions started almost immediately followed shortly by the first of many orgasms. As the orgasms began to build off of each other, each more intense than the last, I remember thinking "I'm glad I didn't cut off the K tab because I'm kinda diggin it". Just about then, the focus of the orgasms seemed to center on just where the K tab was massaging me. Next a P tsumani seemed to shoot up my back and my entire body erupted into the most glorious intense full body orgasm I have ever experienced. It seemed to go on and on forever. I don't really no how long it lasted but I do remember thinking I might faint from pleasure overload. When it finally began to subside I found myself laying in the bed drenched with sweat, every muscle in my body was quivering, my heart was pounding and I was breathing really hard. It took a few minutes to recover. Now I have experienced many Super O's and a fair number of full body orgasms but I had no clue anything could feel like that. Wow! I guess my question has to do with the how and the why of the K tab. I think I figured out the (why) part of it over the weekend but I'm not sure about what exactly happend and how it did it or why this session was so much different than my typical progasm session. Maybe one of you experts could shed a little light.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi O'shea!

    Congratulations on ALL your amazing Orgasms and especially the ultimate
    Super-O you describe! (complete with Full-Body!)

    The K-tab on my Progasm was pushing in too far for me causing some pain,
    especially during use in chair-orgasms! The material in the Progasm is such
    that it will actually bend some and I and others have just bent the K-tab straighter,
    so that it doesn't poke in as far! (some others I have removed the tail completely on.)

    Wow, as far as some sessions being fantastic and others just being great . . .

    IMHO, there are so many variables that go into these orgasms: energy level, horniness,
    etc. and some believe our orgasms come in cycles! That certain times of the month or
    lunar cycles may have a cyclical table that can be read??? Sounds like a good possibility,
    but at this point it is unproven, I assume???

    My answer to you and to myself, as well is to just relax and enjoy whatever good things
    happen and don't try to drop it in a little box and that you can have "on-tap O's" . . .

    To me, the mystery is part of the pleasure and keeps me coming back for more; what ever
    the flavor of the day brings to us!

    Later, Hlaser99