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Had a new feeling last night. Am I getting closer?
  • I have been using an MGX 2or3 times a week for about six months and have not had any "mind blowing" experiences yet. A pleasant feeling and a little pre cum is all.

    Last night I pre lubed with a little Vaseline and then lubed the Aneros with KY. I remained lying on my side for about 15 minutes, and had a feeling that would be very similar to pulse in my anus and the Aneros felt like it was trying to come out. Enjoyable but still not orgasmic.

    Does this mean I am getting closer? I really hope so.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi big jimbo!

    And Welcome!

    I was at the same point as you and as I recall it, I took the
    advice of someone here on the Forum and learned to Relax
    and Breathe.

    This has been my advice to others ever since!

    Enjoy each session for what it gives to you freely and don't
    expect any revelations and it will eventually come to you!

    Just don't give up . . . you're on the right path!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • I may be getting close as well. Last night I inserted my progasm and almost immediately my whole body began to feel electrified. I was breathing heavily, and thought of pulling it out because it almost got too intense. Then, these wonderful feelings subsided. Am I getting close?