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Sex vs. Aneros vs. Anero-less in one epic battle
  • Well, back from my hols and still a poorly adjusted excuse for a human being, but, as always, hacking a path through to some kind of tantric re-birth!

    I wanted to write a little bit about how sex, anero, and anero-less sessions fit together, because i don't see how all the parts of my sexual world can really fit together. For one, I had my girlfriend expounding the sins of homosexuality...a sentiment i don't really share - but i thought it a bad time to bring up my aneros use - which has happened all since we last met one another!

    To put things quite simply, i feel confused about how everything in my sexual world fits together. Sex is great on its own, but its an entirely different experience to the aneros and the anero-less sessions i have.

    I've always had a problem with sex and love being brought together. Sex is part of the primal instinct to reproduce and it is heavily coded into us...deeply buried in the confines of the primordial soup, hidden in our subconscious. Love, on the other hand is an abstract thing, difficult to define, and completely at odds with that primal urge to least for me.

    Anyway, while staying with my girlfriend, i found myself having a few late night anero-less sessions (i didn't risk bringing my progasm with me...not to an airport where my bags were checked 8 times - not an exaggeration!)

    These late night sessions when the day before had been exceptionally hot, left me able to lie spreadeagled on the bed with nothing on and just my own sexual fantasies to keep me company. I feel a *pulse of energy right on top of my prostate which you would assume is the blood pulsing through my body at an increased rate, but it seems to circle over and over and i imagine that is slowly but surely drawing the cum out. I use a lot of mental imagery such as my balls swelling up and lifting - getting ready to release everything. I have to tell you, my abilities for anero-less sessions are improving slowly but surely. I had my most intense sessions yet while i was away from home.

    *For those that have sat through an episode of star trek, the image of the warp core pulsing in engineering is kind of how i imagine my sexual core because thats how it feels when i start getting really turned on. Anyway...i digress.

    Before I had left, I had one last session with my progasm which reminded me of how utterly fantastic it is. The range of different sensations it can produce if you just relax and let it do it's thing is unimaginable. That has since been confirmed with last nights session which took place at 1am in the morning. I was exhausted, and the progasm still stirred energy that i didn't know i had.

    Just before I started writing this, I was lying flat on my bedroom floor listening to some tantric beats which I recently got hold of, and I began an anero-less session (you should really try tantric music if you're having trouble with aneros...its a great way to relax and get turned on at the same time). It has been the most powerful to date. My prostate was going crazy, pre-cum was shooting out my penis, I had a hard and full erection which was jumping around sporadically, trying desperately to cum...and it felt like i was. In my mind, the session had ended because i had cum...but when i opened my eyes there was nothing except a gallon of pre-cum on my stomach. I could have kept going, just like anero sessions can keep going long after you've had 10 or 20 orgasms. Anero-less sessions tend to be intense but keeping that intensity is far more difficult without my progasm inserted.

    If i think of our three different sessions as products....i would only have buyer's remorse with one of them. :shock:

    I mean, I love sex for what it is, and i love that feeling of intimacy with another human being, but the raw sexual lust and longing that belong in the anero domain are difficult to muster if you're having sex with someone that you love. I guess that's why i don't feel like a low-life for cheating on my girlfriend with a five inch piece of moulded plastic. :wink:

    It's weird how aneros has put my life in a completely different perspective. The thoughts that i had as a teenager about chasing girls and not really knowing why are distant memories. Now I spend my time thinking about allowing the conscious mind into the lower brain frequencies of the subconscious so that i can see whats going on there when i'm having a sexual experience.

    No matter which way i look at it, sex is still a very personal experience...even when you're with another person, you can still get lost in it and be entirely on your own.

    Well which one is our lucky winner? Sex, aneros, anero-less? They're all winners, ladies and gentleman, they'll each be going home with this set of luxury fridge magnets.

    I'd be more than happy if you had some insights to share on how it all fits together for you...or even how your journey with aneros is interacting with your normal life. How do you view sex, love, aneros, and the multitude of taboos which collide when you have all three?

    Many thanks for reading forum, and have a great day
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    Well haven’t you summed up one of the core enigmas on Aneros use. Slipperybugger and I were just talking about that the other day…

    You’re post is quite thoughtful – all the replies I have would be far too long and months, if not years, short of telling the whole continuing story.

    I’ve been married a long time and if you are in it for the long haul relationship then a lot must happen over your life so that the marriage train can stay on the tracks. Basic compatibility between two people hinges on central values that either don’t change or change together over time. Aneros has the power to change that equation if you can’t balance out a few things with your time, money and compulsory usage.

    So far in the equation of sex, love, (and marriage, family) aneros and anerosless, I am fortunate that my wife knows, accepts and participates. Otherwise, I’d have to make choices about what I really want out of life. As acknowledgement to her acceptance and participation I don’t throw Aneros use in her face. Whatever happens in bed happens – sometimes it’s conducive to lube up and go at it and sometimes its not.

    But were you are in your life and were I am in my life puts a different emphasis on how you would rank the priorities of sex, love and Aneros.

    Aneros ‘progress’ takes on a couple of different forms. Not just physical/pleasurable milestones as listed in the wiki, but mental/emotional ones as well. So yeah, If you didn’t throw the piece of plastic out in the first month, and you have become enamored by its pleasure, then how you integrate it into your life counts big time.

    On the one hand, I’d like to say that I’ve got mad relationship skills and the maturity level required to be open and honest and adventuress. On the other hand, I realize I’m just plain lucky that things are working out well so far. But the journey is far from over…

    Good luck with yours!

  • well, i hear are right, i was in quite a pensive mood when i posted.

    It is one of those issues of trust and while I don't see it irrevocably damaging my relationship, my girlfriend can be quite impulsive and quick to judge - she also takes on beliefs and new ways of thinking very easily - except any that I provide her with!

    The fact that many members of this forum are married like your good self and have that acceptance is a great thing.

    It's not something I'm terrified about, I'm a pretty easy going guy in the first place - -while we're not living together it's not a big deal for me, but it's surely unavoidable if and when we are.