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Aneros vs Finger Prostate Massage
  • gourdygourdy
    Posts: 20
    I wanted to ask around a bit to see if anyone is able to give any good accounts of experiences with digital prostate massage vs Aneros Prostate massage.

    To put my question into perspective:
    I have had pleanty of success with the Aneros over the last two years and consider myself very nearly an expert. I have reached highs of highs, and although I remain open to the possibility that more is to come, I have my doubts.

    But as for manual prostate massage, I am novice. I have recently met someone who offered to give me that pleasure, and our first time was met with little success as compared to that of the Aneros.

    Anyway I just wanted to see what other guys were feeling on this one, and get some advice on how to direct my lady friend. I tried approaching it with an Aneros mindset but I was too easily distracted by her slight variations in speed and motion. I had her give me perineum massage, and there was no shortage of arousal. I am not pointing fault at the technique, merely pointing out the inevitable differences that exist between the two massages and reaching out for hints/tips/suggestions!