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Joy! A Chronicle (long post)
  • I am writing this as a chronicle of my "journey" from newbie to the Super O. Yes, Virgina, there is a Super O! But that's the rest of the story.

    I began my awareness of prostate "stimulation" from the innocuous event of a prostate exam by my physician. He pronounced my 60 year old prostate to be in pretty good condition, this was several years ago, I'm just about to become 63. I was further aware from literature about the Persians and their use of boys as "pleasure" givers when such practice was not looked upon with jaundiced eye as "gay" activity. It was just how it was. But young pleasure providers were taught many things other than offering their backsides, and one of their techniques involved digital prostate stimulation or "milking" even way back when. So, I knew there was something there, but not sure how to go about it.

    That rectal exam taught me that there was pleasure to be had, as it was not at all unpleasant. I had long since gotten over the silly notion that anything anal was "dirty". I must confess that I had even tried manual self-affected prostate stimulation with my fingers (too short--bad position) as well as other not-so-acceptable anal insertions. I tried a slim dildo, but wasn't able to quite get there with that.

    A chance encounter with a small video on a pay-per-view porn site finally tipped me off, big time. That video introduced me to the Aneros Prostate massager and the techniques surrounding its use. I immediately ordered an MGX considering its smaller size, my inexperience, and the promise of prostate stimulation. Well, to make a long story short, I got little, very little, stimulation from the MGX. BUT, I did get accustomed to the feel, I like it, of the Aneros and its insertion, and I did get accustomed to the motion and the techniques as so well documented on the Forum. What I didn't get was any "rush" from it. In fact, as I may have posited heretofore, I was beginning to wonder if I was "dead" inside, given my age, as well as total lack of this type of stimulation in the past. But I kept trying on the advice and counsel of this Forum. "Don't give up" they counseled, sometimes it takes a while. Well they were right...and I don't think I'd have ever gotten there with an MGX. Even to this day, it's not very effective...for me.

    What to do? I looked at the various other Aneros products, and decided that with my anatomy and my previous experience with the MGX that something longer would probably serve. I was a bit reluctant to order it by mail, so I went to a local sex shop and there, hanging on the wall was a Progasm! looked pretty intimidating next to the MGX, that's for sure, but I took the plunge and plunked down the money, and with some trepidation, took it home. I took it out of the package, and held it up to the MGX...WHooooee, I thought this will be BIG...and it was. In fact I actually gave up on trying to insert it the first time. But, patience has its own reward, and I tried again when I was a bit more relaxed. This time, no problem...slow and steady (and plenty of lube) got the job done. May I say, it was a change, for lack of a better term? That Progasm gives such a GREAT full feeling, and it's significantly longer reach was also immediately noticeable. It was, and is, my magic carpet ride provider. Read on.

    BUT, beleive it or not, I still didn't get the results I so desperately and eagerly anticipated. Nope, nada. I spend a good deal of time on the road, in motel rooms, by myself, quiet and undisturbed for hours...and for hours and hours and hours I tried, with little success other than a couple of good "massive" (yeah, right with my average dick!) erections...but still no P waves and certainly no O! I was a bit bummed, and some of you at this point may be wondering what's wrong with this guy's insides, but still no significant success....get ready the best is coming...hee hee, just like me!

    What I finally did to reach a significant break through and an ultimate "awakening" was to get off the bed and onto a chair! That's right, onto a chair. The difference being, that with my Progasm, and with my anatomy, or so it seems, I just wasn't' making good contact with my prostate with the tip of the massager. By placing my ass on the chair, it held the lower contact point against the back the crack of my ass, and allowed the tip of the massager to miraculously make prostate contact. Suddenly, I felt the most incredible blast of energy (what with all that pent up dissatisfaction and all) when I finally got the damn thing in the right place, that I can hardly explain in words what it was like! Yes. HELL YES! P-waves, peeing sensations, and FINALLY my first prostate orgasm! How do I explain this? It's just mind-blowing ESPECIALLY the second, third and fourth...time in a row. Yes, Virgina, there is a Super O. The whole damn thing. Repeated orgasmic blasts, PLENTY of Cowper's (precum) every time (don't' think this is too gay, but it's actually quite tasty!) and repeated sessions with massively hot results. I have arrived. O's on demand, seriously, every time, every time, any time.

    OK...some caveats, and some more good stuff. First, it's like a drug...the most powerful drug you can imagine. Rumel put it best when he said to me that once you get there, "she's a demanding mistress" and man is he right. You simply cannot get enough. It simply takes over your thinking, and all you want to do is shove that thing up your ass! Really. Now, here's the caveat. All things in moderation, and you can do yourself some harm if you use the thing relentlessly, especially a Progasm which is a large "tool". You can get sore inside...I did. But, you can also put yourself on a budget, and use it for an hour or two and not abuse yourself. When I started getting my O's, I would work my poor prostate to a standstill, and then not be able to use it for a couple days. I have found that if you limit your time...and man is that hard to do at a couple hours at a time, you'll have more fun and enjoy yourself a lot more, more regularly. Man, I'm getting hot just writing all this down. But I already had a GREAT session this morning...over two hours, no shit, and I'll save it for tomorrow nite when I'm out of town and on my own again...and I'm so looking forward to it.

    Now, I'm not kidding, but I have had two, three even five hour sessions with my Progasm. I am absolutely wrung out by the time I'm done. Limp. Exhausted. Spent. But what a's just too, too, much. I'm actually getting woozy as I tell this to you. So...keep in mind that it's yours to use as you choose, and it WILL WORK even if heretofore you have had little success. By the way, if you're not getting enough contact with your prostate, put just a LITTLE downward pressure on the P-tab (put your finger between your perineum and the P-tab) as you constrict your anal sphincter and you may find a new friend. That's how I finally got in touch with my prostate. Now, having trained myself, I need no hands to make it work like a dream...and sometimes I have to pinch myself to assure me that it's not just a dream. Man, it's real.

    OK. That's the first part of my chronicle. Here's the latest. There is an interesting article I read from a book titled "The Multi-Orgasmic Man". I highly recommend it. It's available from Here's the link: It's fascinating and will really get to you, ESPECIALLY if you've also achieved success with your Aneros. One of the main premises of the book has to do with internal or non-ejaculatory orgasm. What most of us know, and there are videos on X-Tube that show the IMPROPER use of the aneros, is that what we're experiencing with our toy is non-ejaculatory orgasm...again and again. The premise of the book is vindicated, and it's just great to read and learn more about your tantric self.

    So, on a much more metaphysical plane, what we're dealing with here, non-ejaculatory orgasm, prostate orgasm, etc., is a MUCH deeper subject, and a far more important one, IMHO. What is being discovered here, once you get past the "drug" phase of the Aneros and prostate massage, is deeper, extremely satisfying,sexual and physical self awareness. Call it CHE or whatever, but what I have come to realize is that I'm able to do some things now, now that I have experienced non-ejac orgasm with my Aneros, that I never even knew was possible, and here's the proof.

    After a particularly successful Aneros session, over four hours of almost constant "progasmic" release, I removed my toy, took a shower and went to bed. Now, when guys write that they experience aftershocks for hours after a good session, they're not kidding. Slight contractions of the anal muscles will deliver a quiet orgasm, naturally, but pleasant, nonetheless. I fell to sleep immediately, satisfied and satiated...even more than by sexual intercourse standards. Upon waking in the wife had gone shopping...I lay in bed, warm, snug and very comfortable and let me remind you, with NO Aneros in place. I realized that I had awakened with a very nice erection...yes, morning erection at 62 years old!, so I began to casually stroke my penis for the standard "nice" feelings before I got up. What happened next blew my mind. Not only did I feel the usual pleasure from casual stroking, I began to feel something MUCH, MUCH more. I actually realized (now that I know what I'm feeling) that I was close to an orgasm! NO SHIT! With additional gentle stroking and stimulating the head of my penis, I quickly experienced an very strong, non-ejac, orgasm! Un-freeking-real. It was delightful. And then another, and another and another and another, to the tune of 90 minutes of off and on non-ejac orgasms using just my gentle penile stroking, manual pressure and strong pelvic and anal muscle contractions! I was blown away by both the duration and intensity of this experience.

    I tied this to my very successful Aneros experience of the previous evening, so I thought it was just a magnification of what I had already experienced.

    Now comes the really neat part. Several nights later (my wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms because of my excessive snoring and rambunctious sleep habit) after a very pleasant, relaxing evening and after some wine and a very hot shower, I got the thought that I should give my new-found tantric powers a whirl and see if the previous non-ejac, non Aneros session was actually a fluky follow up to a smashing Aneros session or whether I had actually reached a new level of self awareness of my physical body and could repeat what had occurred before. I lay quietly and stimulated myself to an erection. I slowly, gently and patiently used my old masterbatory techniques of penile stimulation but the big difference now is that I have an understanding of what I was REALLY looking for, which was a non-ejac orgasm! By gawd, with pure relaxation and quite persistent stimulation I did, in fact, begin to achieve orgasm of significant power. I persisted, and with rhythm and patience actually got myself to the point that every stroke and pelvic motion delivered an orgasmic rush...over and over, like the rush of fireworks that they shoot off at the end of a Fourth of July exhibition, and just like the Energizer Bunny, I just kept, not going, but coming and and coming and coming for what seemed like 15 minutes but was probably more like a couple minutes...all not ejaculatory and all just great. I persisted and when I looked at the clock, more than 90 minutes had passed. Amazing.

    Whew. That's my chronicle. Sorry for the excessive length, but I've been thinking about it for a week or more now, and finally decided to write it down for whatever it's worth to one or more of you. Those of us who know, will appreciate it, those of you who are trying to achieve it will ultimately succeed, and know it too. I encourage you, I send you my best energies and wishes that you, too, may find the ultimate joy and exhilaration of our "demanding mistress".

    Cockadoodle-did! :D
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hi Cockadoodle,
    That is a very nice chronicle indeed!
    I enjoyed reading it very much, and I hope others also read the whole post!
    Thanks... :D
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    hey Cockadoodle.

    That is one long post but good story. Hope this helps people.
  • I read the whole thing, how could I not? You have a great writing style.

    I liked that it reminded me that whatever works for you, works. Everyone is on THEIR journey, there's no standardized way to get there although many different practices can help.

    Thanks for your story :D
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Cockadoodle,

    Terrific post. It should be put in the Aneros testimonials as well as a permanent blog for reference. I agree with BMF, you have a great writing style that is entertaining to read. I like how you illustrate that not only does persistence pay off but experimentation as well.

    Congratulations on your progress and try to get some work done! :lol:
  • great histoir thank you for your writings I saw the meme that you and I am 39 years old :roll:
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231

    Great post. My experience is similar to yours. After three months of nothing I hit it with a maximus ...I wasn't brave enough to go straight to progasm ...although I use it now. I have been super orgasmic for 7 months now. Like yourself ...using these things has taught me to be non ejac orgasmic without anything. I have not done an aneros session in five days. Last night I woke up at 3 am with a hard on. I rolled over and just applied light pressure of the tip of my penis on my bed. The P waves started and I added gentle contraction. I was off to the races for 3 hours. I lost count of the dry orgasms. Although they weren't really dry ...I soaked the bed with precum.

    I have found that the secret for me for a great aneros session or non aneros session is going at it in the middle of the night 3 - 4 am. It seems that sex hormones are at their peak at that time.

    Its a great journey.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Agreed, a fantastic post that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!

    And now I have a few tips to try! ;)