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Perineum & "Sweet Spot" Difficulties
  • I recently obtained a Helix, but have been experiencing difficulties right from the word go.

    Although I have followed the instructions relating to finding the "Sweet Spot", I can't seem to find mine.

    What's worse is that pressing onto the perineum from near the anus up to almost where the scrotum begins causes considerable bruising/rasping/burning-type pain and that just doesn't sound right. As I get closer to the start of the scrotum, the pain reduces and is no longer uncomfortable. Just near the margin of the scrotum, pressing does seem to create a sort of internal tingling sensation, but this seems to be too high up to be the "Sweet Spot" according to what I have read.

    When I tried using the Helix, as soon as it was inserted, the P-tab started causing that intense pain and it is difficult getting anywhere with that distraction.

    I embarrassingly admit to having tried a competitor's product earlier, that has a P-tab extending further than the Helix (although not quite as far as the scrotal margin), but with the same pain effect.

    Is it possible that I'm unusual in that my "Sweet Spot" is very close to the margin of my scrotum, where none of the products will reach? Or is this pain complication possibly masking a more normal "Sweet Spot" (if it is I have no hope of journeying towards a Super-O)?

    Any considered opinions gratefully received.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    Welcome to the forum, Iridian.

    It sounds to me like perhaps the P-Tab is pressing too hard on your perineum.
    Check out this thread to make sure that you've got it inserted correctly.
  • Thanks for the link: now I can clearly see how it should be positioned.

    However, this isn't the cause of my problem as the discomfort is still there (and I had it inserted more or less correctly anyway). It's sort of like a chafing pain, but along the perineal ridge closest to the pressure (not deep seated) and hard to describe. Whenever I perform a contraction, I can feel the P-tab press in, but it's a pressure pain and not a pleasant sensation.

    I should mention that I also get the pain stroking along the perineum with my finger with moderate pressure when trying to locate the Sweet Spot.

    I've also found it uncomfortable sitting on bicycle seats in the past (pressure on the perineum), so perhaps this is a physiological issue.

    If I insert a finger under the P-tab, so that the tip is close to my anus, and press down in conjunction with a contraction, I do get a tickling sort of sensation at the point of fingertip contact that is sort of pleasant, but it seems too close to my anus to be the Sweet Spot.

    I wish this was more of an exact science.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Iridian,

    I should mention that I also get the pain stroking along the perineum with my finger with moderate pressure when trying to locate the Sweet Spot.

    I've also found it uncomfortable sitting on bicycle seats in the past (pressure on the perineum), so perhaps this is a physiological issue.

    I think that this issue is the one to put some energy in to. I don't believe that this is normal. I think it is Darwin here in the forum that has had some issues in the past with this pelvic floor area. I might have that wrong but maybe someone more knowledgeable than me in this area can address it.

    Once you get that pain under control, I would think that you will be ready to go.
  • Iridian -

    Have you tried the folded toilet paper trick? The Helix P-tab was a bit too intense for me the first few times I used it, so the cushioning helped. Once acclimated, that P-tab digging into the perineum is a sensation that drives me wild.

    Are you getting hairs caught under the tab? I shave everything below the water line every other day using a body groomer designed for that purpose and talc-free powder for reducing irritation. Have been before starting to use the Helix, so I don't know what the sensation of normal flora being pulled by the P-tab feels like.

    Try using a pencil eraser to find your sweet spot, but press gently on the perineum. It shouldn't take long to find that tingly sensation. But make sure you use the ERASER end (I can picture someone using the pointed end and me getting my ass sued...)!

    Some users claim that the P-tab on the Helix doesn't even contact the perineum until they contract their muscles. Is it possible you are using too much force?

    I'm hoping that something here helps. As I said, that little P-tab is good at generating some wonderful sensations.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Your description of discomfort/pain is very specific yet it seems more consistent with something originating from the superficial layers of the skin. While Darwin may wish to comment more in depth himself on this, it doesn't sound like the CPPS condition that he was dealing with. (For more on that check out the book the Headache in the Pelvis by David Wise and Rodney Anderson) But perhaps I should ask, what kind of pressure are you using in this area? Is it light or fairly vigorous palpation that produces this result? When you experience this pain is it deeply internal or more external? For example, when you described a "burning" pain, was it similar to urethral burning, the burning muscular sensation of a "charley horse" or more like a "rug burn" (nearer the surface of the skin)?

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks for the responses guys.

    Yes, I think the pain is the distracting issue. Although I do have a fair amount of hair in that area, the pain is not the same as when one pulls a hair (I haven't tried shaving). I have tried cushioning, but it doesn't seem to help much.

    I'm sitting here right now, not aroused at all, gently pressing on the area that the P-tab contacts and the immediately surrounding area and it feels painful, like I'm pressing on a bruise. When I leave off pressing, I can still feel a burning sensation that lasts for a long time (it's been 30 minutes and I can still feel the mild burning sensation from the previous pressure). This is definitely not normal. Only the area at the margin of my scrotum or close to my anus is relatively pain free: the rest of the Perineum is painful to varying degrees.

    If I consider the Perineum as a tube (which is then covered by skin and tissue), the pain feels as though it is on the outer surface of the tube. However, if I stretch the skin transversely over the Perineum, I also feel a tearing sort of pain, so perhaps the Perineal pressure is stretching the skin and that is what I'm feeling: because the two are so close in proximity, perhaps I can't differentiate where the pain is originating. The burning sensation feels like urethral burning (or a skin burn), but is not deeply internal: much closer to the surface. Sorry I have difficulty distinguishing and categorising the pain.

    I don't have pain if the area does not have pressure applied.

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia, which can't be effectively treated, so perhaps this is another aspect. This probably also goes along with penile pain: stretching of the foreskin or stimulation of the glans can suddenly switch from pleasurable to painful.

    Is the Sweet Spot essential for journeying towards a Super-O? It's unlikely I will be able to treat the perineum pain without it suppressing or affecting other subtle sensations, so perhaps I have to find a different way.

    I wonder if there is a modification or different device that will allow pelvic musculature activated prostate stimulation without Perineum irritation. Extending the P-tab so that it contacts close to my scrotum is something I have considered to bypass the painful Perineum area, however it would also probably bypass my Sweet Spot (wherever that is); but maybe that is not important at this stage.

    I can get some prostatic stimulation from the Helix via manipulation by hand, but I find I have to push it up further and forward (which releases pressure on the Perineum) for the sensations to be intense although I suppose this is not really what Aneros intended. I also find holding the loop and pulling it backwards slightly (so that the body pivots forward and the P-tab is lifted slightly from the Perineum) seems to help with sensations, but is awkward to maintain and perform anal contractions.

    I have (safely) tried a friend's Progasm, but it has the same P-pain problem, and also doesn't seem to want to move very much and seems limited on the amount and angle of prostate contact by the K-tab. Have also tried an HIH PS-X (with larger P-tab to body distance than the Helix) and although that seems to more readily produce prostatic sensations, the Perineum pain is there too, which kinda damps the whole experience, especially if one is supposed to detect and enhance subtle sensations.

    Just as an aside, I remember as an early teen (before I had the ability to ejaculate), I was able to mentally create waves of pelvic stimulation without physically touching my penis, that I could sometimes build to what was probably a type of orgasm. I wonder if this was the sort of thing you guys are experiencing, so perhaps I need to reconnect with that inner lad. :wink:
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    seems the pain could be one or more of:
    - skin
    - muscle
    - organ/gland

    sounds like it is hard to tell. the last of those might warrant a trip to the doc (urologist) to test for severe prostatitis.

    for muscular issues in the region, the departure point is the Headache in the Pelvis book.

    try the Peridise.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953

    Is the Sweet Spot essential for journeying towards a Super-O?

    In my opinion, no. I think that is going to be good news for you to get passed this. I hope that it all comes together for you.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    What you're describing sounds almost like foliculitis or a form of dermatitis, particularly as this is so localized. Having this evaluated by your physician would seem to be a good idea at this point. Is it possible that the Fibromyalgia is playing some role? Again, ask you doctor on that.

    As far as other Aneros models go the only one that might, and I say might offer an improvement for you would be the PS-New (found on the High Island Health web site), known here as the MGX Classic. The abument tab on this model engages the perineum far closer to the scrotum than any of the others. That having been said, I think it's a good idea to rule out some disease process before buying anything else.

    Btw. although shaving might answer some questions, it's also possible that it could exacerbate the problem for you. After all, after a day or two, stubble can create an irritation all it's own.

    If this turns out to be an intractable problem, there is a silver lining is not strictly necessary to have perineal stimulation to transition into a Super O. As Darwin pointed out, the Peridise may be an entirely different way for you to get the same result. (It has no perineal tab).

    Again, I'd say get this checked out first. Tell your doctor about your sensitivity and discomfort in this area and see what he has to say.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I have spoken with my GP before about pain issues, but he didn't really have any suggestions apart from an adjunct to the Fibromyalgia, or just highly sensitive nerves and no solution. It's unlikely to be prostatitis as it's more surface than deep tissue and only irritates under pressure.

    I actually have a HIH PS-New that I gave up for the Helix, thinking it was better.

    I've just had a 4 hour experimental session with the PS-New, Helix and Progasm, both with and without the multi-folded tissue trick.

    All produce Perineal pain when used without the tissue padding, the PS-New having the least.

    With tissue padding, the PS-New has no discernible pain, whilst the remaining 2 still have distracting levels of discomfort.

    I can achieve pleasurable prostatic sensations with the padded PS-New through voluntary contractions and moving my pelvis, but they stop as soon as the action ceases and don't escalate to anything like what I would call an orgasm. I was unable to obtain any involuntary contractions, but that might take more practice.

    The Helix, surprisingly, didn't create as strong prostatic sensations: I still get better results with the PS-New.

    The Progasm produced the least sensations: just sort of sat there and didn't move very much and felt as though it was completely missing the spot (which I found surprising).

    I feel a bit more positive now that I'm getting some sensation from the PS-New and hopefully I'll be able to use the Helix too in due course, perhaps with modification. I'll hang off on the Peridise until I've experimented further with the PS-New.

    I really need to understand these involuntary contractions better.

    Does being an Aneros competitor user, exclude me from this Forum? :wink:
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    Iridian said:

    Does being an Aneros competitor user, exclude me from this Forum? :wink:

    No, but considering that most of these so called "competitor" devices are crudely fashioned knock-offs, it doesn't make sense to use them.

    BF Mayfield
  • Isn't HIH affiliated with Aneros in some way? I thought they were unless I misread something.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Isn't HIH affiliated with Aneros in some way? I thought they were unless I misread something.


    You've got it right! High Island Health is the parent company of Aneros . These are in essence two different marketing entities who sell the same products. Naturally, different names are used for the various models.

    Perhaps I misunderstood Iridian's question when he was asking about being a "competitor user". My statement was certainly not in reference to anything sold by High Island Health. Again, both companies are selling the same products.

    BF Mayfield
  • Oops, I thought HIH was a competitor to Aneros: seems like I'm technically a pseudo Aneros customer then, even with my PS-New.

    This also might explain why my Aneros Helix has HIH stamped into the plastic. Because I purchased it from ebay, for a while I thought perhaps I had received an impostor substitute. It's good to know they are essentially the same company, so thanks for providing that information.

    I had misinterpreted previous comments about "cheap knockoffs" to imply HIH was a cheap knockoff of Aneros. I'm happy to be corrected.
  • I'm also having some difficulty locking down the sweet spot. Is it usually located in the center or does could it be closer to the legs even?