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In this Discussion's how I understand it...
  • I know I will be criticized for over-analysis or oversimplification or being hung up on details (or for being verbose), but here is what I understand about prostate stimulation and the Aneros. If I can get my head wrapped around all the concepts, then I can clear my mind of doubts and misgivings and more fully enjoy my time with my little plastic lover. So, this post is meant to be my own selfish endeavor -- but if you find it useful, that's great, or if you wish to add comments, please do so.

    We, being male, are naturally overtly aware of the penis. It's prominent, and quite convenient, location means it takes center stage in our lives. The penis is King of the Forest and all other subjects are subservient to it.

    But, backstage, it's the prostate that makes for the voluptuous sensation of orgasm and the penis is really just a trigger to inform the prostate to launch the troops. All of a man's life, emphasis is placed on the much more visible and easier to locate penis and, admittedly, a great shlong can be quite intimidating to other males/competitors. For females, the appearance of the penis is much more significant than, say, a really cute prostate.

    Now, the Aneros community tells us that the penis is NOT King of the Forest and that the title, and it's corresponding attention, should be transferred to the prostate. After all, IT'S the gland that controls the pleasure nerves and drives men to risk death in order to make it with that hot maiden back home in the queen's court. However, most males still want to retain their penis in order to satisfy their partners' sexual fulfillment and look good in underwear advertisements. So, the trick is to coronate the prostate without de-throning the penis. This is where Archbishop Aneros comes in, to help prepare for the coronation ceremony and eventually get the capital of the universe transferred more inland. The penis maintains its sovereignty, but the rest of the body knows that it's really the prostate that throws all those great parties.

    The penis is not one to take this lying down. It tries to maintain control and sends guerrilla attacks on the nerve convoys dispatched by the prostate. Since the penis is much larger than the walnut-sized prostate, and since it roams out where the oxygen runs free, it is at a distinct advantage. So how do we allow the prostate to have its say in court without ejecting the penis from the proceedings? That's when we turn to Archbishop Aneros. You see, the prostate hasn't a loud voice, unlike the braggard penis, and must rely on A Aneros to translate for it and get the message out to the rest of the body.

    Unfortunately, for some of us, the prostate is content with ignoring A Aneros and all the promises A Aneros provides for the greater good of the entire organism. For those individuals, A Aneros patiently waits until the prostate comes around to the same line of reasoning. This varies from male to male depending upon how stubborn the prostate is and how much interference it receives from its major competitor, the penis (who is constantly threatening a coups). Once we can get the prostate to finally speak up, the once meek little gland will discover a new sense of power and purpose, and subsequent news conferences become more effective and interesting.

    Biologically speaking, in some highly aroused males, the Aneros presses on the prostate, perineum and anus to trigger an autonomic nervous reaction that results in a flinch or spasm of a muscle near the area. By controlling outside distractions and penile interference, the male can learn to encourage these autonomic responses until a continuous cycle is initiated. These reactions can escalate in frequency and intensity and enlist more nerves into the cycle. Eventually, enough intensity is established that orgasm reflexes are engaged. However, the muscles controlling the fluid reservoirs, normally under control of penile nerves, are not involved and so all the man juices stay in place even though an orgasm is reached. (Due to pressure from the Aneros and natural arousal responses, the exception is the Cowper's Gland which gladly launches it's supply of starter fluid and busies itself preparing more.)

    In some men, insertion of the Aneros is sufficient enough to initiate this cycle. In others, gentle voluntary contractions of the pubococcygeus, anal and abdominal muscles are required to initiate this response. In still others (e.g. me), the initiation process is less defined and much more difficult to activate. Relaxation and control of outside distractions are extremely important to assist with starting the cycle and in keeping it running. Since this process is based on nerve signals, any slight deflection or cessation of those impulses can shut down the entire cycle. Through patience, practice and more patience, a man can learn methods for protecting and encouraging these neural impulses. The man will discover that by allowing the impulses to grow naturally, new heights of orgasmic pleasure can

    (sorry, the postal carrier just delivered my new Progasm)

    ...can be achieved.

    (holy shit, that sucker is HUGE!)

    Uhm...I'll be back, later...if I survive!? :shock:
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    you do have a way with words... and perhaps you are a bit verbose!
    Regardless, I enjoyed reading your post.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    That all sounds about right to me. I think you and ‘Voyager’ should get together and write the Great American Aneros Saga novella, I’m sure it would be an entertaining read.

    BTW, I’ve seen an example of the beautiful new ‘Crystal Clear’ Progasm (it looks like a Steuben Glass sculpture). Direct measurement shows it to be the same size but it appears smaller than the original via optical illusion, an added benefit for those who might be intimidated by the Progasm’s boldness. It is my understanding this model, introduced at the London show, will become available sometime later this year but no specific release date has been established.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    Nicely written slipperybugger.
    I've got no criticism for you on this. It all sounds correct to me.
    Very amusing style of writing too.
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20

    For females, the appearance of the penis is much more significant than, say, a really cute prostate.

    You got me on the floor laughing with that sentence!

    Great post, I really enjoy reading it :D