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Involuntary Full Body Convulsions
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    I just had a one and a half hour session with my Helix and it taught me a new trick.

    Involuntary full body convulsions.
    They started sometime within the final 45 minutes, and it was like instead of the aneros moving inside me, it was staying relatively still and making my whole body move around it.
    Mostly it started from my hips. They would either start thrusting or gyrating in a circulat motion.
    Whatever motion was set up in my hips would then spread out through my legs and my torso and then even into my arms and head.
    The result was my whole body writing, thrashing or bucking on the bed, for minutes on end. It was amazing.
    This continued for the last 45 minutes or so of the session with only a minute or two of rest between each bout of thrashing.

    When I finally decided it was time to stop (because I needed to get everything cleaned up and put away before my other half got home), I got up off the bed but the aneros demanded more of the same but now while I was standing up.
    This time it was mostly languid sensuous gyrations, similar perhaps to what a burlesque dancer or stipper does.
    While that was going on, it seems that the aneros had realised that I wanted to end the session, and it actually had my body start to eject it. It came out past the first bulge all by itself.
    I didn't want to risk spilling anything lube or anything on the carpet though, so I hurried to the bathroom for the final extraction, but I could feel that it pretty much was ready to come all the way out by itself and I only had to hold the handle to stop it from falling on the floor.

    The more experienced members of the forum are always saying "You can't MAKE things happen, you just have to relax and let them happen." I can definitely see the truth in that now. Wow.