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Another question abouth breathing patterns
  • Hi,

    I'm a fairly new user (have the helix model since this summer, looking to buy the progasm in a few months) But during my last session, i decided to check the movement of my aneros with my webcam whilst watching it live and experimenting with stuff like breathing and contractions. And i came to the conclusion that no matter how hard i contract my anal sphincter when i inhale (I always do deep breathing into my abdomen), I seemed to push my helix out whilst inhaling and to pull it in whilst exhaling (and relaxing the sphincter). This seems somehow contradictory to me.

    So in short, my questions are: should i always be breathing deep in my abdomen? Should i include my PC muscles as well when i do anal contractions (when i tried so hard to seperate them in the first place ;) )? and lastly does anyone else encounter this paradoxical movement?
    I think that maybe i breathe to deep so my abdominal muscles contract, pushing the aneros out whilst inhaling, but i'm not sure at all..... :(

  • Hi Jacks

    I too have been investigating breathing techniques...

    I have fond that altering the breathing pattern has a major influence on the feeling I get and how far along (high up) the sequence of events I can get.

    Deep breathing to start with speeds up the progression followed by shallow quick breaths as you progress along the way.

    Get plenty of air into your body as this increases the pleasure. Read books on Yoga and Tantra, they go into details about breathing.

    Hope this helps

  • thanks, yes deep breathing certainly makes you more sensitive to various stimulations.But do you also inhale into your abdomen with shallow quick breaths?

    i will certainly try it but unfortunately i am back at home for a month or so which means no sessions for me :)

    still wondering about the fact that the aneros is pushed outwards while inhaling and contracting
    input on this is always appreciated

  • Jacks

    Yes I also inhale into my abdomen with shallow quick breaths. I believe it is the movement of the belly muscles that makes the aneros device move.

    The movement you are experiencing are normal. Remember you aneros movement is driven by your internal muscles. When you breath into your abdomen the reason your belly expands (moves outwards) is because as your chest fills with air it takes up space. Therefore, you intestines are pushed downwards and outwards hence the movement of your belly outwards. Your aneros is also pushed down by you bowels and therefore moves in an outwards direction.

    You sound to be in a similar situation to me... You use your aneros devices when you are stopping away over night in a lonely hotel room as my partner does not want to play. However, she gets up early around 7 at weekend which give me about 1.5 hours lie in which when I am in a relaxed state in the morning is plenty of time to hit the heightd.


  • thx, i've also been going over the basic literature in relation to the aneros again. It has provided me with new insights yet again. I recommend to all those still in search of the super o that they read the guides in the wiki and B mayfield's topic again.

    Too bad i wont be able to put my new understandings to the test, the reason being that i'm still a college student and i am at home to study for my exams at the moment. Here in my country (which was wrong previously, don't know how that happened, it stated with location germany???) the students reside mostly in houses scattered around town. People used to live in them but they were redesigned to accommodate only students and the rooms are all designed for 1 student so you have a lot of privacy while still being able to interact with other students in the shared rooms like the kitchen etc...
    so i don't think i have a problem mentally with my surroundings not being "private and relaxing/comfortable enough"

  • Your are overthinking it. The breathing should help you relax. I find the exhale the most improtant as its the one that lets me relax my muscles. eventually waht happens for me is that the bodt takes over and i have no influence over the aneros and my anus. I relinquish all control and thats when things really start to move. So its lack of involvment that produces the results.
  • yeah it's weird sometimes when i exhale i have to make sure that my abdominal muscles aren't still contracted and tense or my pleasure reduces... if i can do that without thinking I'll be another step further down the path.