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About four months into the process
  • Hello All,

    I've been keeping up with regular sessions with my Aneros MGX for about four months. Some times have been better than others but so far nothing has yet led to a dry O or a Super O.

    The only thing I can think of that is hindering my progress is refraining from regular masturbation. I usually go about 2-3 days and then cave in since I can't get there with an Aneros session yet. Do you think this will help my some willpower? I say this a bit jokingly but let's face it...we're all into feeling good so refraining from the regular way is tough!

    When I have a "good" session so far with the Aneros, it seems that there is a buzzing/rapid pulsing that happens from keeping my muscles of that region contracted. It is pleasurable, but more milder than the pleasure that leads up to a regular orgasm. I alternate between squeezing my spincher/prostate muscles and contracting my lower abs while lying on my stomach with my left leg up a bit...kinda like the Captain Morgan

    For those of you who have reached the Super "O"...what other sensations led up to the big climax... did the feelings change from what you had experienced previously? Secondly, with the Super "O", does your body take over and then you're no longer contracting your own muscles at that point?

    I think there have been times that I've wanted this to happen so much, that I have thought, oh, this is what it feels like, but then I remember the one time I did have a dry "O" with a previous Aneros, and when that was quite obvious! So when it comes to the SUPER O, I take it there is no mistake when it happens...correct?

    Another BIG question I have is that once you've reached the Super O, is it easier to get there in the future? If it's just something that happens once in a blue moon despite HOURS of practice...that isn't a lot of payoff. Many of you on here that have gotten there...seemed to have figured out how to keep having

    Lastly, would another model help my progress any? I was thinking of giving the Progasm a shot as well.

    Thanks for any insight!
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I am sort of where you are although been at it a bit longer - almost a year. I'm yet to reach the super O but would recommend trying another model. I started with the mgx as well and have always enjoyed that model. I have the helix which for me is ok but still prefer the mgx. Also have the peridise but honestly those have done nothing for me. The progasm however is my choice. I usually start my sessions with the mgx and after 30 min to an hour switch to the progasm. I have had my best sessions with the progasm and would highly recommend it.
    As far as your other questions... I will have to leave those for someone with more experience to answer
  • trs good questions misterb who wants to re-lay has misterb :?: :?: